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Can a woman get pregnant while nursing

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Have you heard that breastfeeding is a great form of birth control? If so, you've heard half the story. Here's what every nursing mom needs to know about using breastfeeding as birth control, and other contraception options after Baby. Hightower, R.

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Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding

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PDF version great for printing. Good news! Lots of moms are able to conceive a new baby without having to wean their current nursling. Probably not. It is true that breastfeeding can delay the return of fertility, especially while frequency and duration of breastfeeding sessions remain high.

But most women can become fully fertile while still breastfeeding. Try tinkering with your breastfeeding pattern. Each pair is different. There is no magic or typical threshold of breastfeeding intensity which predicts the return of fertility. Abrupt changes generally bring back fertility more rapidly and at a higher threshold of breastfeeding frequency than gradual changes. Of course, you and your child would have to be ready for a radical change.

And bear in mind, your body may be trying to space your children more so as to prolong the special status your current nursling is enjoying!

If you are experiencing regular menstrual cycles, and if you were normally fertile before, chances are you have returned to normal fertility. Long, short, or irregular cycles can be a sign that your cycles are not yet fertile.

If you wish to know more about your fertility status, you can gain remarkable insights using simple family planning methods. Patience is the key, because the amenorrheic period when changes are occurring can involve weeks or months of wet cervical fluid. If you are not ready to try to conceive, though, you may do well to take precautions since fertility reversals do occur. Although there is no direct research, there is no obvious reason to believe that fertility treatments would harm the breast milk.

Clinical observations suggest that Clomid Clomiphene is compatible with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is believed to be compatible with healthy pregnancies. Many moms go on to nurse throughout pregnancy and nurse both newborn and toddler together, an arrangement known as tandem nursing.

For the latest in research related to breastfeeding and such concerns as preterm labor, miscarriage, and the nutrition of the unborn child, see my book Adventures in Tandem Nursing: Breastfeeding during Pregnancy and Beyond. Breastfeeding and Fertility. What is Normal? Can I Breastfeed if…? Facebook Pinterest Twitter.

Understanding Your Fertility while Breastfeeding

Everything you need to know about using the LAM birth control method. From long nights to messy diapers, new moms have enough on their plates to stress over. The last thing a sleep-deprived mama needs to worry about is an unexpected pregnancy. But as it turns out, new moms have their own secret weapon for contraception: breastfeeding. But breastfeeding in itself is actually a form of birth control, medically referred to as the lactational amenorrhea method, or LAM.

Yes, you can get pregnant while you're breastfeeding. That said, it's also true that you may not ovulate for several months or even longer after giving birth, especially if you're exclusively breastfeeding your baby. LAM is reported to be 98 percent effective during the first six months postpartum when you meet these conditions exactly.

Updated: April 19, References. During this time, you might use breastfeeding as a natural form of birth control, which is called lactational amenorrhea method LAM. If you want to get pregnant right away, however, you might be worried about your missing period. Did You Know?

Can I get pregnant while breastfeeding?

Women who breastfeed fully exclusively or almost exclusively are less likely to become pregnant as long as the following criteria are met:. In addition to the criteria above, LAM only works if your baby nurses on your breast. The pressure on the nipple sends a message to the mother's body to produce a hormone that prevents egg production ovulation in the mother. The absence of menstrual periods makes pregnancy unlikely, however, ovulation egg release can occur before the start of menstruation. You can become pregnant, while breastfeeding, before you resume menstrual periods. Women considering LAM should consult their health care provider to make sure it's the best choice for their lifestyle, as well as to plan for a new form of birth control as soon as breastfeeding frequency decreases or solid foods are introduced. Birth control options include:.

Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding? The Truth May Surprise You!

Introduction As you journey into motherhood, bonding with and caring for your new baby, the thought of another pregnancy may be distant. Whether or not you want more children in the future, the time to think about your fertility is before or soon after giving birth. Considering options and determining what best meets your personal circumstances can be overwhelming. This article discusses your fertility while breastfeeding and provides links to additional online resources.

One that tends to top the list for most breastfeeding mothers is whether or not you can get pregnant while breastfeeding.

PDF version great for printing. Good news! Lots of moms are able to conceive a new baby without having to wean their current nursling. Probably not.

How to Get Pregnant Whilst Breastfeeding

It has long been recognized that women who breastfeed their children have a longer period of amenorrhea and infertility following delivery than do those women who do not breastfeed. The length of postpartum amenorrhea is quite variable, and depends on several factors, including maternal age and parity, and the duration and frequency of breastfeeding. In general, it would appear that the more frequent and the longer the episodes of breastfeeding, the longer will be the period of anovulation, and the longer the period of infertility. PIP: The effect of lactation on ovulation and fertility is discussed in relation to 7 factors: the duration of postpartum amenorrhea, the return of ovulation in the postpartum woman, the effect of breastfeeding on fertility, the physiologic basis for infecunity during lactation, contraceptive use during lactation barrier methods, IUDs, and steroidal contraceptives , breastfeeding while pregnant, and tandem nursing.

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Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding? Here’s What an Ob-Gyn Says

Lactational amenorrhea refers to the natural postpartum infertility that occurs when a woman is not menstruating due to breastfeeding. Many mothers receive conflicting information on the subject of breastfeeding and fertility. Exclusive breastfeeding has in fact been shown to be an excellent form of birth control, but there are certain criteria that must be met for breastfeeding to be used effectively. Exclusive breastfeeding by itself is While it is possible for a nursing mom to become pregnant while she is breastfeeding and before she has her first menstrual period, it is rare. Even after that, while some can become pregnant the first cycle, others will require months of cycles before pregnancy can occur. Still others this is quite uncommon may not be able to become pregnant until complete weaning has occurred.

Jan 1, - Adventures in Tandem Nursing: Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and But most women can become fully fertile while still breastfeeding

Trained in dentistry, Sree is currently studying lab sciences. She enjoys researching various health topics and writing about her findings. There is a prevailing, old-fashioned belief that one can't get pregnant while breastfeeding. This is not true.

Mother Nature is a hypocritical sod. And is there anything we can do to get pregnant without pulling the plug on breastfeeding? In this post I will answer both questions in turn.

But can you get pregnant while breastfeeding? In a word, yes. How can that be?

You can get pregnant while you're breastfeeding , but moms who breastfeed exclusively tend to experience a delay in the return of their fertility. But, for older women who hear the ticking of that biological clock a little more loudly and fear that they don't have the time to wait, or for women who have struggled with infertility in the past, the waiting may be more of a concern.

Yes, the very act of breastfeeding suppresses ovulation, he explains. Namely, prolactin, the hormone that stimulates breast milk production, inhibits the FSH hormone that triggers your ovarian follicles to release eggs, he explains. Without an egg available for fertilization, you can't get pregnant, which is aces when you're still adjusting to new motherhood. But the general thinking is that this only applies to people who are strictly breastfeeding , not those supplementing with other forms of nutrition for their babies.

Breastfeeding can have an effect on your fertility, particularly in the early months. While for some mothers this is a benefit, it can also be a source of frustration for those hoping to grow their families. However, many moms experience a time of delayed fertility during breastfeeding. As described in The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding , the Lactation Amenorrhea Method of using breastfeeding to delay fertility needs all the following to be true:. For some mothers, the contraceptive effect of breastfeeding is a very welcome side effect, but it can be worrying and upsetting if over a year has passed since your baby was born and you still have not noticed any signs that your body is returning to being fertile.

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