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Best looking female judges

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List of famous female judges, listed by their level of prominence with photos when available. This greatest female judges list contains the most prominent and top females known for being judges. You might also be interested in celebrities who went to law school and the dumbest lawsuits in court. There are thousand of females working as judges in the world, but this list highlights only the most notable ones.

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List of first women lawyers and judges in Florida

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They are too sexy for their robes. Their milkshakes bring all the clerks to the yard. Everyone wants to get underneath the robes of these jurists. Who are they? The moment in American juris-prurience that you've all been waiting for is finally here.

Twenty-one distinguished federal judges, twelve women and nine men, have been nominated for consideration as Superhotties of the Federal Judiciary. Emphasis on "Article III"; to those of you who attempted to nominate magistrate or bankruptcy judges, please listen to this song.

The nominees are listed below, in alphabetical order. The profile of each nominee includes a photograph, where available, and brief descriptive quotes from UTR readers, in the manner of Zagat restaurant reviews -- appropriately enough, because these judicial hotties are mouth-watering!

Article III Groupie apologizes for not having pictures of all of the nominees, as well as for the poor quality and small size of several of the images she does have. Please note, however, that you can click on the thumbnail image of each judge for in camera inspection of their hotness! Unfortunately, our nation's paparazzi have yet to discover the comeliness and sex appeal of the federal bench. A Google image search for "britney spears" generates 61, images, while a Google image search for "lourdes baird," our first nominee, generates four 4 images -- two of which are not even pictures of Judge Baird.

The difficulty of obtaining pictures of these judicial hotties explains why the Superhotties contest regrettably lacks a swimsuit component. If you happen to have better photographs of any of the nominees than the pictures that appear here, please submit them by email forthwith.

The competition now moves into the voting stage. As previously explained here , please submit your votes by email, which you can do by clicking here.

There will be no chads, hanging or otherwise, in this election -- the last thing Article III Groupie needs is any Bush v. Gore -style litigation, e. You may vote for one female superhottie and for one male superhottie.

Votes will be accepted until Wednesday, July 14, , at p. Pacific time, to give West Coast readers time to get their votes in. At some point after the close of the polls, the top three female vote-getters and the top three male vote-getters will be announced, in rank order, and crowned Superhotties of the Federal Judiciary!

And yes, prizes will be awarded. The Hot. Lourdes G. Baird C. Judge Baird, 69, a native of Quito, Ecuador, worked as a prosecutrix prior to taking the bench. She served as U. Bush appointed her to the district court in Judge Baird was the first Hispanic woman to serve as a judge in the district, as reported here. This lovely Latina, whose photograph understates her attractiveness, leads UTR readers to exclaim, "Que rica! Irma E. Gonzalez S. Judge Gonzalez, 56, is "super good-looking," a "judicial J.

Lo " who is "muy caliente! An image search on the internet for "irma gonzalez" yielded a wealth of pictures of Irma Gonzalez the female wrestler far right; more photos available here , and adult videos available here.

Fortunately, one of UTR's California correspondents subsequently submitted an excellent photograph of Judge Gonzalez near right , which reveals her beautiful eyes and sparkling smile.

Now UTR understands what all the raves are about! Like Judge Baird, Judge Gonzalez is a former prosecutrix. She served as a state court judge in California before President George H. Frank M.

Hull 11th Cir. In case you're wondering, Frank M. Hull "is a woman -- and oh, what a woman! This "luscious Georgia peach," however, has left a sour taste in some mouths. Judge Hull -- who seems to be a bit of a judicial diva -- has been known to bench-slap colleagues at oral argument, as reported here , and some of her rulings have landed her in the Judicial Hall of Shame. Her profile in the Hall of Shame catalogs various cases in which Judge Hull was reversed unceremoniously by the Eleventh Circuit, back when she was still a district judge.

The profile goes on to contend that Judge Hull "appears to be suffering from severe mental disability" and that "a litigant could expect better and more consistent results by throwing darts at legal principles stuck on a dart board. Judge Hull, a former state court judge in Georgia, was appointed to the district court in by President Clinton. She was elevated to the Eleventh Circuit in , also by President Clinton. Cindy K. Jorgenson D. Apparently the sun isn't the only thing that's hot in Tucson, Arizona.

The youthful Judge Jorgenson, 51, is "smoking! Heck, even the Pima County Sheriff has a crush on her! Judge Jorgenson, a law-and-order kinda gal, served as a state and then federal prosecutrix for almost a decade. Immediately before taking the federal bench in , as an appointee of President George W. Bush, Judge Jorgenson was a state court judge. Nora M. Manella C. Judge Manella, 53, is "exceedingly pretty and polished," "a real Wellesley girl. Judge Manella, a wealthy and well-connected jurist with a "gold-plated Rolodex," is legal professional royalty.

Her father, Arthur Manella , was a name partner for many years in the powerhouse L. Attorney for Los Angeles, like another one of our nominated hotties, Judge Baird.

Not surprisingly, hotness appears to be a prerequisite for the position of U. Attorney in Lalaland. Reena Raggi 2d Cir. Like her fellow nominee Judge Manella, Judge Raggi is also a year-old Wellesley graduate with "superb bone structure" and "an elegant, high-gloss attractiveness. After a successful career in the prestigious U. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York, including stints as the chief of narcotics and the chief of special prosecutions, she was appointed by President Reagan to the district bench at the tender age of Bush was non-controversial.

In this press release , Democratic Senator Charles Schumer contrasted Judge Raggi, whom he praised as "an ideal nominee," with the winner of UTR's Judicial Diva showdown , Justice Priscilla Owen , whom he condemned as "a judicial activist of the first order.

Marjorie O. Rendell 3d Cir. Judge Rendell, 57, is a "classy blonde" who "looks great," with "a wardrobe to die for. In terms of personality, however, Judge Rendell can be "quite prickly. If the Manolo fits, wear it! In addition to her judicial service, Judge Rendell has responsibilities for tea service -- as the First Lady of Pennsylvania!

This judicial powerhouse is married to Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell , who also served as the mayor of Philadelphia before he was elected governor. Think of the Rendells as Bennifer for poli sci geeks.

By day, Judge Marjorie O. Rendell of the Third Circuit develops groundbreaking precedents affecting fundamental constitutional rights. Yes, now you too can whip up a feast consisting of Judge Rendell's Savory Meatloaf , Broccoli-Chicken Casserole yummy but fattening -- that's a lot of cream cheese!

Judge Rendell issues published opinions parsing complex federal statutes. These include her favorite flower, the daisy; her favorite color, blue; and her favorite childhood memory, "Family Holidays and Vacationing at the Seashore" schoolgirl capitalization in the original. As this puff piece in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette indicates, Judge Rendell used to bake cookies for political strategy meetings that her husband would hold in their home.

Perhaps she can give the Senatrix from New York , who is famously averse to cookie-baking, a few helpful hints! Of course, Hillary now claims to have a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, but everyone knows she just goes to Mrs. Hillary could then repay the favor by giving Judge Rendell tips on how to deal with a philandering husband. As the Philadelphia Inquirer profile notes, the Rendells have been dogged by "years-long rumors of extramarital dalliances by [Ed Rendell].

Put an end to the executive being in bed with the judiciary -- "Ed, you're on the couch tonight! Judge Rendell, a Clinton appointee, served as a district judge in Philadelphia from until She was then elevated to the Third Circuit by President Clinton who is known to have a weakness for blonde-haired beauties.

Patricia A. Seitz S. Judge Seitz, 58, "definitely has the blonde ice princess look going. She was appointed to the district court in by, you guessed it, President Clinton who is known to have a weakness for ice queens.

Famous Female Judges

By Felipe Araujo For Mailonline. A woman in Moldova has been nicknamed 'the sexiest magistrate in the world' after pictures of her Facebook profile went viral. Svetlana Tizu was appointed a judge of the Central District of Chisinau in Moldova in February this year through presidential decree. Since then, the country's media have not only taken noticed of her skills as a professional, but also her knockout looks.

Catrina Carrington has always appreciated the arts and culture for she is an avid reader born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in a military family. She is an adjunct college instructor and high school teacher in Colorado Springs who enjoys reading and visiting museums. This is her first novel.

A foodie revenge for a broken marriage; a nosy grandmother takes spying on her neighbours too far; a woman teacher is groomed by an artistic man and his clever son; a brutally short haircut makes a woman reassess her life; a gang-related attack comes back to haunt the perpetrator; a woman revisits the grave of her sister-in-law in Kenya. But also: a Roman soldier's lover; a frightened traveller in Jerusalem; a collector of hair in a European country; a teacher in New York is drawn to a girl and her East Asian composer boyfriend; a gay man is swindled during a whirlwind affair; an argument at a coke-fuelled party; three men disappointed at an upmarket sex club; an artist unwittingly precipitates the downfall of David Beckham. Too Asian, Not Asian Enough is a collection of stories by British Asian writers put together by an editor looking to show the world that there's more to the current generation of British Asian writing Khavita Bhanot. Gautam Malkani Asian of the Month.

The Sexiest Lawyers In America!

In fact, athletic women, especially those in sports where strength, muscle, and sweat feature prominently, are typically viewed by the public as being outside the boundaries of appropriate femininity. And perhaps no group of women athletes embodies this gender outlaw status more than female bodybuilders, who by their bulk and sheer strength challenge our very notions of what it means to be a woman. Why would women choose to look like that? And what does it take to get and stay so muscular? Maria R. Lowe has interviewed more than one hundred people connected with women's bodybuilding, from the bodybuilders themselves, to trainers, family members, spouses, judges, and sponsors. In Women of Steel , Lowe introduces us to a world where size and strength must be balanced with a nod toward grace and femininity.

Busted! Young female judge blasted for posting skimpy bikini picture on Twitter

Learning to argue and persuade in a highly competitive environment is only one aspect of life on a high-school debate team. Teenage debaters also participate in a distinct cultural world--complete with its own jargon and status system--in which they must negotiate complicated relationships with teammates, competitors, coaches, and parents as well as classmates outside the debating circuit. In Gifted Tongues , Gary Alan Fine offers a rich description of this world as a testing ground for both intellectual and emotional development, while seeking to understand adolescents as social actors. Considering the benefits and drawbacks of the debating experience, he also recommends ways of reshaping programs so that more high schools can use them to boost academic performance and foster specific skills in citizenship.

The Employment Context.

Maria Cozma posted a holiday picture to the social network that was blasted as "titillation for criminals and the Twitterrati". Super-hot Maria Cozma from the Moldovan capital Chisinau caused a social media frenzy when she posted a picture of herself posing in a bikini on to her Twitter timeline. A spokesman for the society of judges said: "We are supposed to be a respected and serious body, not titillation for criminals and the Twitterrati. But I strongly urge other female judges to not follow her example.

Sexiest female reality judges

This is a list of the first women lawyer s and judge s in Florida. It includes the year in which the women were admitted to practice law in parentheses. Also included are women who achieved other distinctions such becoming the first in their state to obtain a law degree or become a political figure.

Uniqueness : The Human Pursuit of Difference. Snyder , Howard L. My Red Shirt and Me The red shirt incident begins with a rather ordinary red shirt. Not a brightly colored red shirt, not a dramatic cherry or firehouse red, more like a faded burgundy. But, for several days, my very iden tity was bound up in its redness. It was me, and I wore it with the pride a matador takes in his splendid cape, a hero in his medals of bravery, or a nun in her religious habit.

Esquire says these are the sexiest women alive, you be the judge

With Harris in mind, we've created a list of practicing lawyers in America who have the whole package. Through her work with workers' compensation lawsuits, Halberg tries to give back to families of people who were killed or injured on the job. Halberg is the president of Kids' Chance South Carolina, a non-profit that offers scholarships to children of injured or disabled workers, and she's involved in her local rotary club, where she's served on the board of directors, been the foundation chair, and won an award for raising money for Alzheimer's research. M; Dalhousie University, LL. Romano's firm provides legal counsel on business, corporate and entertainment issues, advising companies, business owners, and creative people producers, directors, writers and performers. Before founding Romano Law in , he was an international corporate attorney at a large Manhattan law firm, as well as an in-house attorney at a biotechnology company in Toronto, Canada. Tali Farhadian Weinstein is an Assistant U. He has also served in the U.

Esquire says these are the sexiest women alive, you be the judge. See the women Penelope Cruz named Esquire Magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive for

They are too sexy for their robes. Their milkshakes bring all the clerks to the yard. Everyone wants to get underneath the robes of these jurists. Who are they?

FHM 's Sexiest Women is an annual listing compiled by the monthly British men's lifestyle magazine FHM , based on which women they believe to be the " sexiest ". The first listing was published in and was voted for by a panel of judges. The inaugural winner was the German supermodel Claudia Schiffer. From to , the poll was instead voted for by the general public, with, at its height, several million votes being cast each year.

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Источник их находился где-то совсем близко. Сьюзан поворачивалась то влево, то вправо. Она услышала шелест одежды, и вдруг сигналы прекратились. Сьюзан замерла. Мгновение спустя, как в одном из самых страшных детских кошмаров, перед ней возникло чье-то лицо. Зеленоватое, оно было похоже на призрак. Это было лицо демона, черты которого деформировали черные тени.

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