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Boyfriend name tattoo placement

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Relationship tattoos are either romantic or cringeworthy. As in: Should you keep that tattoo of your ex? Should you still break up with that guy, right after he tattooed your name on his abs? We spotlight our favorites below.


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40 Small Tattoos for Women Looking for Something Sweet and Simple

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When it comes to tattoo trends, tiny is currently the way to go. Whether it's a roman numeral or a flower, everyone from A-listers to your BFFs are rocking mini inkings. Here's some inspiration from a few of our favorite celebrities for your next tat. Halsey has well over 20 tattoos, including a small number 17 on two knuckles on her right hand, which is her lucky number.

Selena Gomez has a collection of small tattoos, honoring everything from music to her family and her closest friends. The lowercase "G" behind her ear is reportedly in honor of her baby sister Gracie.

In me. Are tired' By nayyirah. Tattoo by my man jonboytattoo. Adwoa Aboah stands with women with these small tattoos, which feature tiny cursive script that reads "all the women in me are tired. With four gold medals and a record for the most world titles by any gymnast, we understand why olympian Simone Biles sketched the famous five rings on her forearm. If you're an athlete, this small tattoo will keep your goal top of mind.

If you couldn't tell from "God Is a Woman" and a number of Arianna Grande's female empowerment songs, she definitely fights for girl power.

The small tattoo on her finger is the female gender sign. Wearing my LiveLokai to remind me to always stay humble and hopeful. Get yours today and support important charities like baby2baby and susangkomen.

This October rockyourbestpink LiveLokai. A sweet little heart tattoo decorates the Younger star's wrist. For her hand, Kelly Clarkson chose a cute four-leaf clover with heart-shaped leaves.

I lost my beautiful grandma this week.. She wasn't your typical grandma. She gave me my first cup of coffee when I was 8 years old. She said something inappropriate to every boyfriend I've ever had. She never made pie or knit me a sweater. But she was my grandma and I loved her More than anything.. I love you Grandma. Lea Michele has a miniature coffee mug in memory of her late grandmother, who gave the actress her first cup of joe.

And one more.. She also wears a little number "5" on her side, in honor of her former Glee costar and boyfriend Cory Monteith, who passed away in Grammy Award-winning Adele has several small tattoos. On one wrist, she has three dots above another design meant to honor her mother that she got with The Civil Wars' star Joy Williams to honor the time they spent on the road together.

Behind Adele's ear, there is a small "A" initial tattoo — not for her own name but it's rumored to be for her son, Angelo. Another mini tattoo inspired by Adele's son reads "Paradise". Carrie Underwood has a tiny cross tattoo on her wrist. It means the manifestation of spiritual beauty. A small anchor adorns Kate Moss 's lower forearm Just before she announced her divorce from ex-husband Will Kopelman last year, Drew Barrymore posted a photo of her daughters' names tattooed on her wrist — seemingly as a reminder of the permanence of the family they created together.

It's fitting that Bella Hadid, a Victoria's Secret angel, would have two small wings on each of her ankles, courtesy of go-to celebrity tattoo artist, JonBoy. This happened. Thank you shamrocksocialclub for taking care of us. We couldn't not get tattoos to commemorate the show! Kylie, the youngest Kardashian -Jenner has a number of inkings, but none so sweet as her grandmother's name on her arm. Lovely cursive lettering serves as the stem of this dainty rose tattoo.

When placed on the front of your shoulder, a tiny tattoo makes a big statement. A post shared by gosiniec gosiniec on Jul 12, at am PDT. We're suckers for a fun floral arrangement in a milk bottle — so why wouldn't we love it in tattoo form, too?

Hello everyone! It's been far to long since my last post Hail from the mountains? Recall your roots with a tiny tattoo of a mountain range. Long-stemmed flowers are a feminine tattoo choice — especially when done so delicately.

A post shared by brianna chatwin briannachtwn on Jun 28, at pm PDT. Are you a bit of a free spirit? Look for a lunar-inspired design, or even your element. Wrap around.

This tattoo is like two-in-one: On the inside of the wrist is a Bible verse, and on the outside, it connects with a dainty arrow that could be mistaken for a bracelet. Tucked behind this woman's ear is a delicate but detailed tattoo. Where to? A post shared by Tattoos X Travel tattoo. Who knew you could fit the whole world on your wrist? The metamorphosis of a butterfly or the growth of a dragonfly in ink is a beautiful way to immortalize your own journey.

Love this. We can't get enough of this easy-to-hide tiny tattoo placement. In love with this little tattoo on paulamariroller! Paper airplane tattoo! So cute. Who says tattoos have to be serious? This one is whimsical and fun! A crescent moon makes a cute ankle adornment.

Tag your besties. What better way to celebrate your friendship? Palm tree tat. This pretty palm tree is small, simple, and goes with anything. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Taylor Hill Getty Images. David Livingston Getty Images. View this post on Instagram.

Kevin Mazur Getty Images. Venturelli Getty Images. The powerful message etched on Jordan Dunn's forearm reads, "fear is not an option. Your passion for travel will never fade — and neither will your love for this tattoo.

Beautiful blackbirds soar gracefully by this woman's collarbone. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. More From Beauty.

Finding the Meaning of Your Dream about Tattoos

When it comes to tattoo trends, tiny is currently the way to go. Whether it's a roman numeral or a flower, everyone from A-listers to your BFFs are rocking mini inkings. Here's some inspiration from a few of our favorite celebrities for your next tat. Halsey has well over 20 tattoos, including a small number 17 on two knuckles on her right hand, which is her lucky number. Selena Gomez has a collection of small tattoos, honoring everything from music to her family and her closest friends.

When your love for someone is so strong and you want to express it in the ultimate way, get married get a couples tattoo. I'm only half-kidding.

Tiny tattoos have big meaning—and huge influence on your style. Take models Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin , for example, who got matching designs as a symbol of their friendship. Or Kylie Jenner , who has proved her affinity for minimalist tattoos with multiple and counting on her body already. Mandy Moore, meanwhile, got one in dedication of her mountain climb , and the Pretty Little Liars cast got group ink. Miley Cyrus shared a new tattoo on her Instagram story that closely resembles a compass.

95 Couples Tattoos That Your Relationship Definitely Needs

Name tattooing is a great way of honoring and showing respect to those close to you as an individual or those dearly loved. It is however important to note that having a name tattoo is easy but removing the tattoo can be an uphill task given the pain that goes with it. It is therefore ideal that ultimate precaution is taken before deciding on the name to ink especially if you are opting on inking the name of a romantic lover as any change in the relationship may leave you more devastated with the name tattoo stuck with you. When it comes to getting a tattoo that uses names and lettering, every little detail can make or break your ink work. In fact name tattoo designs are probably one of the most sought after designs that take the longest to figure out which is right for the ink lover. This is mainly due to the fact that the type of lettering you use can make the name less or more legible to read, some font types may be better suited for specific names, while others may make the name look completely different and hard to understand. Name tattoos continue to grow in popularity with many tattoo lovers opting to ink names of their loved ones as a way of paying tribute or identifying with those dear to them. Having a name tattooed does not exactly make the name more popular it instead carries some special meaning that only you can relate with. There are different ways and styles that can be used to ink the preferred name, it is therefore important that you select the right kind of style that best appeals to your interest. Blending the tattoos with colors adds that magnificent look to the design.

How to Get Couples Tattoos You Won’t Regret (Even If You Split Up)

Tattoos symbolize permanence, self expression, creativity, and transformation. As a result, when we dream of tattoos,. In the past, tattoos also served as marks to indicate a particular status or rank, membership to a particular group or religion, and an acknowledgement of certain skills or achievements. Today, this is similar to the function of badges, printed emblems on clothing, and printed cards.

By Shelby Slaughter For Dailymail. Just after Amber Rose debuted her new ink in the middle of her forehead, her boyfriend - and father to their newborn Slash - has followed suit with his own face tattoo.

Couple Name Tattoos. Small Couple Tattoos. Small Tattoos. Tattoos Skull.

40 Best Tattoos That Show Husband Love

I've also gotten breakup tattoos -- I guess I just like being tattooed for all my life's ups and downs. And so do other ladies. No regrets, right?


With the soaring popularity of tattooing deciding on the best places to get tattoos can be such a challenge. The craze of tattoo is getting popular people around the world. Individuals these days are more inclined towards having permanent tattoos and they can go to any extent to get their favourite tattoo design done on different parts of their body. Getting inked is definitely a thinkable job. People have to make up their mind before getting a tattoo done. There are various places on the body where you can get a tattoo.

Neck Tattoos

Name tattoos are becoming more popular as a way to pay tribute to loved ones. Our name is our identity, it has a power over us. Our parents must have spent hours or days deciding what name to give us, and it was probably one of the most important decisions that they have made when you were born, speaking as a mother of 2 boys, it took me months to figure out the best name I would call my sons. Without our names, how would people call us then? Every name has its own character, that is why names are very special and must be well thought of. That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.

Getting a name tattoo may sound so easy, but we show you how so if it's a name of your boyfriend who you've been going out for 3 months, forget it, If you have 2 lovely daughters, a nice font like this and placement would certainly work!

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The Coolest Tiny Tattoos Spotted on Celebrities

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Want a Name Tattoo? 80 of the Best Designs for Men and Women

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25 Surprisingly Cool Relationship Tattoos

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