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It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Riley Matthews, eldest daughter to Topanga and Corey Matthews began her day with an immense smile on her face and ready to conquer her new kingdom, High School. She will be joined by her best friend Maya Hart and cohorts of quirky individuals.

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I'm not sure how long the story will be since I'm also working on another big story, but I figured why not take a crack at it and write about I show I love. Anyway, here's the first chapter and review if you want me to continue. Riley Matthews lay sound asleep in her bed, holding the blankets close to her as she was dreaming something magical, something wonderful, something exquisite—she dreamt she was on the same boat as none other than the movie star Leonardo DiCaprio.

They were heading to one of the exotic islands that existed, and Riley had only hoped and dreamed Leonardo would ask her to join him. She saw him turn around in his boat, Riley using the fan she had in her hand to fan herself. He walked closer to her, staring down at her and grabbing her hand with a smile. Stay cool. Riley…will you…" The next sound that came out of Leonardo's mouth…sounded like a bullhorn, causing Riley to widen her eyes.

Riley abruptly woke up but was entirely surprised to see that her father, Cory Matthews was the one holding the bullhorn and he was about to honk it again until Riley grabbed it from his hands and threw the bullhorn onto the fire escape.

Cory widened his eyes at his daughter's actions, but Riley simply crossed her arms and furrowed her eyebrows. There were going to be coconuts and hula dancers!

Did that explain everything? It's just like middle school…only ten times worse. You were smart to make it through middle school so you're going to be fine during High School. There's nothing to worry about. This is the beginning of adulthood…well, slight adulthood.

You still have to be home by nine every night. Don't hate it…embrace it. Your mother and I made your favorite breakfast. You're 14? He shrugged his shoulders and went to go get the bullhorn Riley threw onto the fire escape, getting ready for his next challenge; waking up his son Auggie for school. Riley stepped onto the campus of John Quincy High School, her holding her backpack close to her with slight worry. She didn't know what she was going to expect when she went in there…High School was a whole different ball game.

However, she did hear a familiar voice…and he was hitting on some of the cheerleaders. How goes it…" Riley turned her head to see Farkle Minkus talking to the cheerleaders, but instead, the girls laughed at him and started making their way past him, into the school building. Farkle had to admit he was slightly disappointed that none of the girls wanted to talk to him, but Riley walked up to him and tapped his shoulder.

I can't be stuck in this building for four years! Lots can go wrong in there. The only way things can't go wrong in there is if I'm over here Farkle and Riley walked over towards the main office to get their schedule where they spotted their friend Maya Hart sitting in the chair, crossing her arms with a smirk. Riley and Farkle knew that smile already…Maya had already done something.

Wait…what did you do? Why would you egg the principal's car? What did the car ever do to you? Everyone is going to know who Maya Hart is in this place…and now the principal knows my name and knows well enough to have my mother on speed dial.

In reality, Maya didn't egg the principal's car…she just didn't want Farkle and Riley to find out what the principal really wanted to see her about. Lucas Friar walked along the school hallways, and while he was excited for High School, he was also feeling a little uncomfortable. For one thing, there were girls walking down the hallways, winking at him as if Lucas was a fine piece of real estate. He wasn't interested in any of the girls here; in fact he only had his eye on one girl since the seventh grade—and her name was Riley Matthews.

Sure she was a little eccentric, but she was also a fantastic friend and that's what drew Lucas to her. Unfortunately, Lucas couldn't find the courage to tell Riley how he felt in fear of ruining his friendship. What if they dated and it didn't work out?

Lucas didn't want to think like that…but he knew he just couldn't risk losing Riley as a friend. She was too special and too important to him. As he walked along the hallway, he stopped and saw Riley talking to Farkle, a smile appearing on his face as he leaned against one of the lockers and gazed at her. He had to admit she looked incredible and she didn't even have to try. However, he also remembered that he and Riley were just friends, and he was determined to make sure it stayed that way.

Lucas cleared his throat and walked towards Farkle and Riley, holding his backpack close to him and giving them a smile. Do all girls in High School do that? Pretty much. Lucas decided to change the subject and took out his schedule, wanting to compare what classes he shared with Riley, Farkle and eventually Maya.

I have, history with my dad…oh, isn't that class going to be fun? You should have been there when he tried to embarrass me on the first day of sixth grade. Gee, sounds exciting. You were great at it in middle school. Riley and Lucas looked surprised as Maya clapped her hands and went to the classroom, Lucas walking over and opening the locker.

They stood silent for a few minutes until Farkle simply nodded his head, giving Lucas a smile. Farkle hopped out of the locker as the three of them entered the history room—only to notice the classroom looked just like the middle school classroom. They noticed Maya was staring at the board, only for them to see Cory holding a history book and putting it on the table.

You know…extremely cool…suave…cool…" Riley tried to do a cool pose, but instead she almost tripped, using the desk as a way to catch herself from falling. That's cute. Might as well make it count. Cory started writing on the board and turned around, capping his marker and glancing at the kids. I am Mr. Matthews and I'll be your teacher this year…I'm also Riley's dad. We're going to start with something really simple. I want you all to take out a sheet of paper, and write down what you want to achieve while you're in High School for the next four years.

Then we're going to put it in this box, and when the last day of senior year comes, you'll open the box and read what your freshman self said. Maya glanced over at Farkle and shook her head, wishing that Farkle would tone down the attitude just a little bit.

No one was going to take Farkle seriously in High School if he continued to act like that. Go team! Cheerleading and basketball tryouts were in the gym and all the both of them wanted to do was impress the teams they were trying out for. Riley kept her eyes fixated on the cheerleaders, Lucas noticing Riley's expression. Please don't fall and break your nose, go Riley! A half hour later Maya, Farkle, Lucas and Riley met up at the train station, all of glancing at each other while holding their backpacks close.

Not only were their backpacks heavy from their new textbooks, but they were drained from trying out for their extracurricular activities. Even Farkle, who had so much energy, looked exhausted. Maya let out a tired sigh, stuffing her hands in her pockets and raising an eyebrow. How many more days until graduation?

However, Riley cleared her throat and rubbed the back of her neck while glancing away. It was a cartwheel. You sound like a sad sack. I will never be a sad sack. In fact I'm thrilled. Maybe we should spend as much time as we possibly can with each other, starting right now. Why and ruin the moment? Nothing to see here. Bye, bye. Riley walked over and picked up the note, staring at it and looking over at Maya in shock.

That's not…no…" Maya scoffed and pretended to laugh, only for Riley to walk up to her and shake her head. We…we were supposed to hang out together, this was going to be the greatest year of our lives…we were going to go to High School together.

If not, then I'll be here…in New York…with Farkle. But the truth of the matter is…I don't know if I want to. Not yours. And right now I don't even know what decision I'm going to make. Um…look, I have to go. I'll see you guys in school tomorrow. Would Maya really go to France for a year and leave her group of friends behind? Story Story Writer Forum Community.

We need to do our jobs…" One of the nurses said holding Katy back. Katy had ridden in the ambulance with Maya while Shawn and the rest of the kids were not far behind riding in Shawn's pickup truck. Katy was in a complete state of shock when she had found Maya in the bathtub.

I recently binge-watched GMW and got inspired! This story continues on directly after Girl Meets Goodbye and will follow them through high school and college. As Riley and Maya sit in their favorite chairs at Topanga's, Riley puts her hand over Maya's hands in her lap and says, "Promise me this,".

Hello guys, here I bring you my new story, I swear it will be better in the next chapters, I think this was an intro and i don't like it so much but oh well. I put some spoilers that i've seen from Season 3 but nothing too revealing tbh, just some quotes. Indeed everything stopped, but not for good. It was now September and since June they had been dealing with their feelings and honestly Maya was tired. She believed that High School was for change and she wanted nothing more than to change this mess they were in.

They had been dating for six months now. She wasn't going to answer that question. He went to the same high school? All Riley could do was nod. Jeremy pulled into a parking spot. As they got out of the car Riley heard laughter. Another boyfriend? It always seemed that she was finding a new boyfriend every few months.

It was yet again time for Riley's alarm clock to go off at an ungodly hour. After a lovely three month break, Riley's alarm clock was back to work full time making sure that she got up at 7AM each and every weekday. Riley's arm tiredly slapped it off as the thirteen year old girl slowly got out of bed and made her way towards the bathroom. Today was the gang's first day of high school. New teachers, new faces, new experiences, new school…Riley sighed as she finished doing her hair after she got out of the shower.

I am walking down the street on my way to my best friend Riley's apartment like I did all the time but today is different. Today is our first day of high school and my stomach has so many god damn butterflies.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 4.

They had been sophomores for two weeks and Riley couldn't believe that Maya had done something so crazy that it landed all six of them in Saturday detention at the same time. She couldn't help but be angry at her best friend for causing it, Riley didn't want anything bad on her permanent record. The memory of the D she had gotten in Spanish still haunted her even though she had pulled up her grade in the long run. Riley turned around and looked at a spot on the wall, she thought about hiding in the hole but it was pointless.

Maya could hear the loving discourse of the Matthews household even from outside the door. Riley was talking animatedly, and her parents were trying to calm her down. Maya smiled to herself, taking a deep breath before she walked through the door she knew would always be open. The family looked up at its surrogate member, all with smiles, but none bigger than Riley's. She looked at the plate of pancakes resting on the place that had been set for her before she even arrived and smiled, before turning to Topanga. My mom made me breakfast this morning.

I know that making them both wait is complicating their friendship," Lucas replied. Zay and Lucas were at Topanga's sitting in their regular seats around the coffee table while they talked about how Lucas felt toward Maya and Riley. All of them just recently graduated from 8th grade and they were now officially on summer break. Ever since Farkle announced that Riley still had feelings for Lucas, Maya and Riley's friendship was never the same. They avoided talking about Lucas and how they felt. Since Lucas was going back to Texas for the summer, Zay thought that choosing one of them before Lucas left for vacation would give the other time to move one while he was gone. If you don't do anything the problem will still be here when you get back.

A new girl arrives at Abigail Adams High school. She's everything anyone could ever want. Pretty, smart, talented, funny. But deep down she has a secret. Riley.

The episode Girl Meets Forgiveness never happened in this fanfic. Saving that one for later. Maya looked at the painting in front of her.

I'm not sure how long the story will be since I'm also working on another big story, but I figured why not take a crack at it and write about I show I love. Anyway, here's the first chapter and review if you want me to continue. Riley Matthews lay sound asleep in her bed, holding the blankets close to her as she was dreaming something magical, something wonderful, something exquisite—she dreamt she was on the same boat as none other than the movie star Leonardo DiCaprio. They were heading to one of the exotic islands that existed, and Riley had only hoped and dreamed Leonardo would ask her to join him.

Hey everyone! Here's a new story for ya'. I'm hoping I can find the will power and creativity to update this more than my other two projects, especially that I basically have a plot laid down for this fic.

With her small microphone and laptop ready, Riley took a deep breath and channeled her excitement. Here we are for another round of school.

The story idea I told you about? That did not happen until September last year where I went to New York for an internship for 4 months. Lucas invites all his friends over to Texas for the summer again before their second year of High School and he invites Josh spontaneously , too. But is it really that good of an idea or will Josh and Maya just confuse themselves even more and what will Texas do again to the relationship between Rucas and the group in general? They just finished their freshman year at high school.

It had been 1 year since they graduated college. She hadn't seen any of her friends, besides Maya when they all went their seperate ways after high school. Maya worked at a museum, helping to restore paintings, mostly in the Russian turn of the century department but, she was hoping to move out of it soon. Riley was hoping for Maya to get their first, so she would have someone easy to converse with. Or, she was hoping that they met somewhere that served wine. She shook our her long curls, adjusted her black, flowy baby doll dress and jean jacket. Her long legs were shaking, she hadn't seen him since he left for Texas 5 years ago.

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