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How to meet a dead person

All living things — including bugs and fish and people — die. It's difficult, even for grownups, to understand why this must happen. It may be the hardest thing of all to understand. The best we can do is accept death as a fact of life. It happens, and we can't do anything to change that.

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New technology is forcing us to confront the ethics of bringing people back from the dead

Updated: December 17, References. Do you long to talk to a loved one who has passed away, or learn more about an ancient ancestor? Perhaps you're hoping to reason with a spirit who seems to be haunting your home. People have been talking to the dead for thousands of years using a variety of different methods.

Read on to learn how to communicate with unseen spirits on your own or with the help of an outside source. To talk to the dead, empty your mind of all worldly thoughts as if you were going to meditate. Once you feel your mind is clear, fix an image of the dead loved one you want to communicate with in your mind. After a few seconds of holding the image, ask them a question and wait to receive a reply that you feel did not come from your own mind.

For example, you could ask the spirit to tap once on the window for yes or twice for no. If this doesn't work, ask the spirit to respond to your questions with 1 knock for yes and 2 knocks for no. You could also try consulting a professional medium if your attempts to contact your deceased relative fail.

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Enlisting Outside Help. Using Prayer and Other Practices. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Shift your focus to sharpen your sixth sense. Make yourself consciously aware of what it feels like to be yourself in the present moment. Note your location, the time, and your feelings.

Otherwise, it may make it difficult to return to your sense afterward. Gradually bring your senses into "soft focus," or a state of being in which you are less aware of the physical details around you. Once your physical awareness goes down, focus on the energy surrounding you in the room. Do not look for it, but merely make yourself open to forces present in the room other than yourself. If you feel any presences, try asking questions.

Be aware that any answers you do receive may not come as words, but as images or emotions. Attempt to talk through the power of your mind. It may take time and practice before you can connect to a dead loved one, but it is possible according to this theory. Quiet yourself and clear your mind as though you are preparing to meditate. Sit in a location that is silent and free from distraction.

Close your eyes and empty your mind of anxiety and thought. Ask for a response to simple questions. This technique is not as useful for contacting dead loved ones, but it is a common practice used by paranormal investigators who are attempting to talk with spirits at a location that is haunted or potentially haunted.

Go to a room in which the most paranormal activity takes place. Ask basic yes-or-no questions, and request a specific method of answering. The most common two methods of reply are knocking and flashlights. For knocking, instruct any spirits in the room to give one knock for yes or two for no. Part 2 of Work with a medium. Mediums are well versed in connecting with spirits of the dead.

You can usually contact a medium by searching for one online or in a phone book. If you want to speak to a dead loved one, the medium may ask to meet at your home or may have you come to his or her place of work. If you want a medium to speak to a spirit you believe to be in your home, the medium will need to come to your home. Not every medium will perform the latter service, but most will provide the former.

Be wary about the medium you choose to go to. Even those who are not skeptical about the practice of speaking to the dead will usually be willing to acknowledge that not every medium is legitimate. As with anything else, there are scam artists out there. Research a medium before scheduling an appointment with him or her and try to verify that he or she is the real deal.

When you meet for your appointment, take note of whether or not the medium is leading you on with questions and having you provide the answers they claim to be offering. To attempt either option, you should go to a room that is known to have high spiritual energy and ask questions there.

When looking for EVP, you can ask just about any question. This is the practice most commonly used when trying to find out a spirit's name or other unknown details. Ask your questions, providing a lengthy pause in between each so that any spirits there have time to answer. Replay the recording and listen carefully for any murmurs or unusual sounds that could translate into answers.

To perform one, you will need at least three people who are open to the experience. This practice can be used to talk to dead loved ones or wandering spirits. Be warned, however, that you do run a notable risk of contacting a malicious spirit. Set the mood by dimming the lights and lighting candles.

Use three candles, or a number of candles divisible by three. You may even light incense. Part 3 of Say prayers. Not every faith has a practice you can use for praying to or for the dead, but some do. These prayers are often intercessory in nature and take two forms. In the first, you are praying for the deceased loved one to find rest and joy in the afterlife, rather than to them specifically, but it might be with the knowledge that your dead loved one is listening or aware of your prayers.

In the second, you are praying to the deceased loved one. You are not asking for salvation from the spirit, but you are asking your loved one to intercede or pray for you from the other side. Some believe that, as a part of the spiritual realm, the spirit of someone who had strong faith in life will be able to make a more ardent plea or prayer for you to a deity from the other side.

Look into mirror gazing. Mirror gazing is a practice some use in an effort to talk to dead loved ones. It is similar to trying to connect to the spirit using your mind, but in this practice, you use a mirror to help establish the connection more clearly.

Quiet your thoughts. Go to a silent room where you can be alone and stand in front of a mirror. Close your eyes and rid yourself of anxiety, intense emotion, or unrelated thought. Focus your thoughts on the person you want to speak with. Create an image of that person in your mind. Make the image as clear as possible until you can practically see their features.

Open your eyes slowly and look into the mirror. Imagine that the image in your mind will appear in the mirror. Even if the image is blurry or overlaps with your own, you should be able to see the image of your deceased loved one in the mirror. Ask your questions. Do not force answers, but be open to them. Also be aware of the fact that the answers may come as emotions or images rather than words. Communicate with the deceased through a possession.

6 Ways to Communicate With Departed Loved Ones

While her remarks prompted ridicule in some quarters, seeing, hearing or sensing the presence of a deceased loved one is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, it is a perfectly normal and often helpful way of dealing with grief. Sensing a deceased spouse is remarkably common. In his book, Hallucinations , the late neurologist Oliver Sacks gives the following example.

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Do you ever get the feeling someone on the other side is trying to get a message to you? With loved ones who have died it's not as easy as picking up the phone. Look out for these signs that someone in spirit wants your attention. This is because, in our dreams, we are between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

Do dead people watch us? Yes, author says

I have read about the Jewish belief in afterlife. What I want to know is: does my beloved father know — even now, since his passing — how deeply I love and miss him, and need him? And, when I die, will I ever again be able to talk to my beloved parents or at least have them recognize who I am, so I can communicate with them? Will we ever meet again, in another form, but one which acknowledges who and what we are to each other? I really appreciate being able to ask you this — it is upsetting me terribly to imagine never again, in any way, encountering him and my mother. As their child, you are spiritually linked with your parents. Even now, your parents live through you, and they remain attached to you. They are very conscious of your thoughts and feelings about them. But even more importantly, as their child, you have the ability to actually make a real impact on them and their heavenly experience. The way in which you live your own life can be of incredible merit for them.

The spiritual aspects of death

I consider myself to be a spiritual person. But that does not mean that I am a perfect person. I have plenty of faults. A real pickle-puss.

Death is more than just a physical process.

The truth is, all you really feel is numb. I had two years to prepare for the death of my father. The clock began ticking the day the phone rang in my homeroom class during my senior of high school. My teacher picked up the receiver, listened intently, then hung up.

9 signs that the dead might be trying to contact you

Updated: December 17, References. Do you long to talk to a loved one who has passed away, or learn more about an ancient ancestor? Perhaps you're hoping to reason with a spirit who seems to be haunting your home.

Imagine you have a close friend you frequently communicate with via text. One day, they suddenly die. You reel, you cry, you attend their funeral. Then you decide to pick up your phone and send them a message, just like old times. A little response bubble appears at the bottom of the screen.

Popular Methods of Communicating With the Dead

People have always wanted to communicate with the dead. We miss the company and the relationships we had with them when they were alive. There are always things that remain to be said, and we long to reach out to them at least one more time. We want to know that they're okay wherever they are; that they are happy and no longer burdened by the trials of earthly life. Also, if we can communicate with the dead, it affirms to us that there is an existence "somewhere" after this life. We have developed various methods and rituals in hopes of making two-way contact.

Head over to sign up and get my free book, "Know Your Soul: 10 Ways to Get Closer to.

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Do souls maintain contact with their loved ones after departing the body?

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How To Bring A Loved One Back From The Dead.

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