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I need help with baby boy names

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Baby name trends come and go, but there's something to be said for names that can stick around for a years. Scouring the name lists to find the perfect baby boy name? We've got inspiration galore! From unique boy name ideas inspired by movie and sports stars to baby boy middle names pulled from books, music, and art, we have the lists of baby boy names to help you make the right decision. Most Recent. Looking for a name that's cool now—and will still be cool for your kid when they're grown up?



100 Most Handsome Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

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Coronavirus homepage What parents need to know Self isolating tips Keeping busy How you can help Coronavirus buys Coronavirus chat. Open menu. Netmums Forum:. Baby boys names. Need baby name inspo? Whether it's for a boy or a girl, unisex, unique or traditional, other Netmums will give you plenty of ideas and act as a sense check on any names you're not sure about!

For Netmums full round up of baby names, by every conceivable category, see our dedicated baby name section. Log in Register. Last page in thread. Subject line: Baby boys names. Hi im 24weeks pregnant so have time to contemplate names we are having a boy and we can not agree on any names.

Your browser cannot play this video. I really like Jude for a boy. Hope that helps! You will find one you both like eventually. Or one of you will give in LOL. These were on my list! Jacqui M Lol Love the reason for not wanting tommy. I think some of the traditional names are nice. Henry is lovely as is jasper or Daniel not sure how English they are.

Good job you have lots of time to make up your minds. Sometimes people have to wait until their baby is born before they can make a firm decision. Good luck Lol Love the reason for not wanting tommy. Good luck. My boys are Ethan and Aaron. Took us ages to agree on names! Joanne x I have two suggestions for boys names: Jenson and Layton Joanne x. Hi my little boys name is Edward Dennis John. Edward: because our 7 year old daughter chose it. Dennis after my 2 grandads whom have both past away, and my partners dads name.

John: after my partners brother. Family on both sides are happy. Hiya im pregnant with a girl and had same problem but at last she is named so feel for you its sooo hard and such a big decision. For boys I have a son already and again me and hubby disagreed lol, was thinking if you want not too common and he wants strong you could go very traditional perhaps Henry it was a kings name so its strong but also lovely as a little boy or names like James, John or to soften it Johnny if ya hubby is like mine he wlll like this as he'll think of Johnny Wilkinson lol.

Hope i've helped good luck with baby x Hiya im pregnant with a girl and had same problem but at last she is named so feel for you its sooo hard and such a big decision. Hope i've helped good luck with baby x. Jo 73wah. Good Luck x. If Jamie is too wimpy, how about James, very manly! How about Archie lucas george coleman? Its my DSs name and it suits him down to the ground, he's so cheeky! Some may say its too popular but Ive never come in to contact with another Archie. I have Harry and Jack, manly in my opinion but also quite common i suppose!

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Advertising Your browser cannot play this video. Mic79hva Guest. Vic38dyc Guest. Joa52kzi Guest. Emm74ebn Guest. Chr61pnd Guest. Jo 73wah Guest. Lau62ott Guest. Help with baby names! Maybe a little early but im thinking already! Middle names for Faith. Shall I change Isobelle to Belle??

Need help with boy names...

With thousands of baby names out there, it's hard to know where to start. Our advice? Decide if you want a gender-specific name or to go unisex. Then, check out this list of adorable boy baby names to find a moniker that piques your interest.

Huggies Forum Forum Help. Welcome Active Popular Browse. Unusual Baby Boy Names??

My husband and I could really use some help with boy names. Both of us are pretty picky with them and while are tastes aren't totally dissimilar, our favorites aren't tending to overlap. I thought the friendly forum crew here might be able to offer some better suggestions. Some names both of us kind of like but aren't quite sold on: Orion Ezekiel Xander.

The Most Popular Baby Boy Names for 2020 Are Inspired by Travel

Enjoying your new role as teacher?! Close menu. Am I pregnant? Toddlers years Tween and teens. Baby activities homepage Baby massage Baby sign language Preschool activities Preschool sports Stay and play. Parties homepage Entertainers Face painting Halls for hire Party venues. Childcare homepage Before and after-school clubs Childminders Children's centres Holiday clubs Nurseries.

Top 1,000 Baby Names for Boys

Pregnant and thinking about baby names? Looking for the best baby name ideas for your newborn? Use our baby name generator tool to discover new baby name ideas and suggestions of what to call your little one. Browse through our alphabetical list of names, or look through our different categories — from unusual names, to vintage monikers, and even lists of what the celebrities have called their babies.

Baby boy names come in many different varieties.

We will update this article when that information becomes available. Finding the perfect name for your new baby boy can take some time and careful consideration, but it can also be a lot of fun. In fact, it's one of the first and biggest decisions you have to make as a new parent.

Baby Boy Names

Here are the five most popular names for boys for Continue reading for the top boy names along with their meaning, origin, and popularity over the years. Choosing a baby name can be stressful. There are endless options out there, and everyone has their opinion.

My newborn son slept in my arms, with his tiny little fists below his chin. The bag was packed and we were ready to go home. There was one problem. I tried to imagine a little boy running outside as I called his name. My husband disagreed. It was crunch time.

1,000 Most Popular Boy Names

Once a couple starts thinking about having children, dreaming about potential names is sure to follow. Will she look like a Grace? Should we call him William or Billy? Gather inspiration from our collection of extraordinary baby names easily sorted by gender and interest. Browse ideas for boys, girls or select gender neutral options and the Baby Name Generator will suggest a unique first name and middle name. Personalize baby name suggestions with details such as your last name or by narrowing results to a specific type of name. After your little one arrives, share the joy with birth announcements that reveal his or her name.

The Bump has a wide range of resources available to help parents discover the best baby boy names. To make this important decision, all you need to do is.

If you look back at baby names over the past few decades, the rule of thumb used to be that boy names were relatively stable. According to the Social Security Administration SSA — which keeps track of these things, going back to the late s — Michael was the most popular boy's name in the country from to with a little blip in when David took the top spot for a year. That's 44 years of Michaels! After that, it was Jacob, which had a year run from to Thank you, Twilight.

Baby name generator

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources to help you decide. Every year, the Social Security Administration SSA rounds up the most popular baby names for both boys and girls, using name data that comes from U. Social Security Card applications. Unsurprisingly, some of the top boy names of the decade were also the most common from recent years.

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