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Wir freuen uns, dass ihr hier seid! We hope you will explore the various features our site has to offer. Log on and create a dynamic member profile, collaborate on projects, share your ideas and expertise — and, most important, connect with German-teaching colleagues. Engage and explore anytime, from anywhere there's a web connection. With over 4, members, the AATG is for teachers of German at all levels of instruction and all those interested in the teaching of German.

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Visa for Spouse / Relatives of EU / German Nationals

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Lyrics submitted by cartoon violence , edited by jahjahjeh , flamebroiledchicken , letsgetitright , Tims , cgoward , zombiepear , mic4h. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - N. Berninger Aaron Brooking Dessner Read More Edit Wiki.

I Need My Girl song meanings. Add your thoughts 25 Comments. General Comment Further proof they are the best band on the planet. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. My Interpretation Homesickness and the longing for the love and the life left behind, as painful as it is, combined with solitude, does open occasional doors to soul-searching and self-discovery All the doubts, worries, thoughts get tangled up in his mind -- all the verses seem to be written down as small notes on different, unrelated occasions.

Fleeting thoughts, moments, observations, memories So the yearning for home, nostalgia, where everything is familiar and simple, is what keeps him sane when everything around him, including himself, are at the verge of falling apart I like the idea of Matt being on the road and taking down snippets of thoughts and observations only to compile them later on into this song.

Flag jleider on June 23, My Interpretation This seems to me like a heart-wrenching, but completely relatable story of a teenager's dependence on his girl for companionship and emotional support. He needs his girl. The second stanza Remember Really endearing, and revealing about their relationship. The third and eventually fifth is a detailing of the pressure he's feeling from most likely his family, but quite possibly himself, too.

He doesn't feel connected with his family or the other kids his age they way he feels connected with her. And in both situations, he feels a longing, and a need for his girl. What I'm unsure about is how separated he actually is vs. Either she is gone for whatever reason broke up with him and he misses her, perhaps , or they are still together, but he is totally emotionally dependent upon her, and constantly feels like he needs her there with him because he loves her so very much.

Either way, it is a amazingly beautiful and heart-breaking story of a young man's love for his girl. I can't get over how truly incredible this band is, we are lucky to have them.

This by no means a song about teenagers Flag tamops on January 21, Yeah I'm pretty skeptical that this is a song being sung from the perspective of a teenager with references to grades The whole song is "remember this I know I was a lot of things then Flag random on March 02, Whirling10 "I think I'm under the gun again" can also be interpreted that he has suicidal thoughts and he is thinking about killing himself.

Flag decayedCell on July 17, Just to clarify here. Before starting this song in concert Mr. Berninger said, "This is a song without fancy metaphors. Its about being on the road and missing your wife. Whirling10 Thank you for laying out your interpretation so clearly and effectively! It's cool to see how this song could be applied to someone younger.

Although Matt may have written this song about missing his wife and daughter while on the road touring, obviously any piece of art can provide different meanings to different people. General Comment They started playing this at the tail-end of the "High Violet" tour, yeah? In that context, the lyrics seem pretty straightforward. He's starting to feel insignificant because he isn't around, and he is trying to reassure himself that he's important to loved ones- "but I am good and I am grounded.

I wonder if it will re-surface on a proper album in a few years? My Interpretation Lots of discussion about the line "I know I was a 45 percenter then". Obviously broadly he is saying he was an underdog, i. For example, if you have an Ace and a King against a pair of 7's.

It means you're the first player to act in a hand. With a few exceptions this is generally the worst place to be statistically, as you have the least information about your opponents, so you are at a disadvantage. A hand that you might play in a later position you would be mathematically correct to fold 'under the gun', For example, if you have a pair of 4s and you are first to act, the best play is to probably fold. There is likely to be someone behind you with a better hand and you would be betting blind as you would have to act first.

Conversely, the same hand a pair of 4's in a later position might be a legitimate hand to play. So, feeling 'under the gun again' implies someone who feels perpetually at a disadvantage, as if the world is conspiring to make things difficult for them.

Which, after googling the term '45 percenter', could make it a political reference to the Obama administration? I could have the wrong end of the stick though, as I'm British and know little of American politics. I'm almost positive the real lyrics are "45 percenter then" Flag b0sendorfer on June 01, I think this is spot on.

The National were big supporters of Obama, both in and The 45 percenter was a pushed phrase by conservatives referring to the people who approved of what Obama was doing. It could be something completely different, or it could just be trying to nail down a specific time period. It could also be showing slight dissatisfaction with the administration.

Although they obviously still preferred Obama to the other option, seeing that they campaigned for him in Flag dramamoose on June 17, I think it's a nearly totally irrelevant number.

Seems to me that the only important factors are the unemployment rate and the quality and pay of the jobs people are taking. Flag Raving Lunatic on June 24, The political reference seems a bit of a stretch since the song seems to be about a guy losing his relationship.

Flag cafarmer on July 04, Flag sbizzle on December 13, Song Meaning From an interview: - Listening to this record, I picked up a lot more loneliness or longing than death. There's a lot of love songs. I wrote it about missing my wife and daughter. It's pretty simple. It's not about any other thing.

My Opinion It's very hard for me to find a particular meaning of this song. Is it maybe about love that nobody supports, nobody agrees with but still, he needs her He's under the gun, he's grounded Which is interesting in and of itself due to The National's ongoing musical relationship with Sufjan.

Deliberate or not, it's a great little piece of connectivity. I thought the same thing. Very cool. Flag adieuamant on June 13, My Interpretation This is a very biased interpretation because I'm in the middle on one end of a long distance relationship.

I think the writer has been separated from a woman he holds very dear. Either by distance, or emotional trauma, these two people have been pulled apart. I choose to see it as separated by distance. I pull more from it this way. He feels fulfilled in most of his life; he knows his place. This is what makes me think, perhaps, it ended on a bad note. Davy could be a mutual friend of the couple.

He sees the writer without her, keeping on, and tells him "You look like you're doing well; you're standing a bit taller. Now for my derived personal meaning. This is exactly how I feel living miles away from the woman I love.

I'm in school, working a fun job with family, and have very little bills.

I Need My Girl

Three decades since the Berlin Wall fell, Germans remain deeply divided over the question of what it means to be German. We asked Germans and immigrants to Germany how they think about their identity — and how they navigate the simmering tensions in their country. Nearly people responded, including many whose lives straddle two national identities: Germans married to immigrants, and vice versa, and the children of intermarried couples. They told us about the subtle and overt racism that they or their family members have experienced, their struggles to integrate fully and their fears for the future. Here is a selection of their responses, which have been condensed and edited.

Children aged travel free of charge when accompanying their parents or grandparents. A separate booking has to be made for children who are travelling without their parents or grandparents.

If you are the spouse or another relative of a person who holds German or another EU nationality, whether you need a visa or not depends on your citizenship and a few other smaller factors. In some countries, the German embassy, consulates and visa centers have separated jurisdictions. Therefore, you should pay attention under the jurisdiction of which authority the area where you live falls. Spouses and minor children of EU or German nationals do not need to pay any fee for a Germany visa. The German embassies anywhere in the world take about ten days to process a visa application.

THE NATIONAL 4 sizes I Need My Girl ❤ song lyric poster typography art print

Each group's songs reveal an abiding concern over leaving their loved ones and homeland and an anxiety about adjusting to a new society. But accompanying these disturbing feelings was an excitement about the possibilities of becoming wealthy and about looking forward to a democratic and free society. Distinguished historian Victor Greene surveys an extensive body of songs of known and unknown origins that comment on the problems immigrants faced and reveal the wide range of responses the newcomers made to the radical changes in their new lives in America. His selection of lyrics provides useful capsules of expression that clarify the ways in which immigrants defined themselves and staked out their claims for acceptance in American society. But whatever their common and specific themes, they reveal an ambivalence over their coming to America and a pessimism about achieving their goals. A Singing Ambivalence examines the familiar sentiments of new immigrants to the United States, while at the same time conveying from an aesthetic viewpoint how immigrants expressed their hopes and difficulties through song. This is an important volume that will be welcomed by scholars of music and immigration history. Victor R. The Germans Kultur and Complexity. The Scandinavians and Finns Natural Longings.

45 Most Asked Questions About Studying in Germany

Almost every day, I receive e-mails with the same questions. So I decided to post the most frequent questions — and of course the answers to them — for everyone to read for free. I therefore invite you to browse these FAQ before you contact me or any other lawyer about your case. Before asking a new question, please read through the many comments which may already answer your questions.

Finally, Germany is an important country and culture, so every international student stands to benefit greatly from familiarity with it to say nothing of the ton of fun they are certain to have in the process.

The song was originally recorded by the band in for their sixth studio album, Trouble Will Find Me , where it appears as the tenth track. The song has featured on episodes of the television shows The Mindy Project and You. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The National - I Need My Girl

Fred 'Bogus' Trumper is a wayward knight-errant in the battle of the sexes and the pursuit of happiness. He also happens to have a complaint more serious than Portnoy's. Yet he stubbornly clings to the notion that he'll make something of his life, and is about to commit himself to a second marriage that bears remarkable resemblance to his first.

Whether it's for business of pleasure, many German citizens wish to travel to the US and get that exciting experience. If you are one of them, you may be wondering about the procedures of how to get a visa for the United States. Most German travelers those without current paper visas , will need to apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization ESTA to be allowed on board a US-bound flight and present it to customs upon arrival. You might have many questions so we're here to cover them in this article. Not exactly.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Lyrics submitted by cartoon violence , edited by jahjahjeh , flamebroiledchicken , letsgetitright , Tims , cgoward , zombiepear , mic4h. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - N.

Feb 4, - I have a German passport, do I need a visa to visit the United States? Upon completion of an ESTA application, a traveler is notified of his or.

Philip Kerr has set a high standard with his previous novels featuring Bernie Gunther, the ex-Berlin detective and this one is no different and is possibly one of the best. A darkly humorous and at times harrowing trip through Nazi Germany and its satellites with a detective that is a cross between Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade with a German accent. The Lady from Zagreb. Philip Kerr. Berlin,

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The AKC has grouped all of the breeds that it registers into seven categories, or groups, roughly based on function and heritage. Breeds are grouped together because they share traits of form and function or a common heritage. The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunter, an all-purpose gun dog capable of high performance in field and water. The judgment of Shorthairs in the show ring reflects this basic characteristic.

The National premiere ‘I Need My Girl’ music video

Открыв полку над головой, он вспомнил, что багажа у него. Времени на сборы ему не дали, да какая разница: ему же обещали, что путешествие будет недолгим - туда и обратно.

Двигатели снизили обороты, и самолет с залитого солнцем летного поля въехал в пустой ангар напротив главного терминала.

Это лишь означает, - сказала она, пожимая плечами, - что сегодня мы не взломали ни одного шифра. ТРАНСТЕКСТ устроил себе перерыв.

Рядом с ним кого-то рвало. Хорошенькая картинка. Беккер застонал и начал выбираться из расписанного краской из баллончиков зала. Он оказался в узком, увешанном зеркалами туннеле, который вел на открытую террасу, уставленную столами и стульями.

‘I Will Never Be German’: Immigrants and Mixed-Race Families in Germany on the Struggle to Belong

Вскоре спуск закончился, переключились какие-то шестеренки, и лифт снова начал движение, на этот раз горизонтальное. Сьюзан чувствовала, как кабина набирает скорость, двигаясь в сторону главного здания АНБ. Наконец она остановилась, и дверь открылась. Покашливая, Сьюзан неуверенно шагнула в темный коридор с цементными стенами. Она оказалась в тоннеле, очень узком, с низким потолком.

US Visa for Germans

Он почувствовал неимоверный жар, бегущий вверх по руке. Нестерпимая боль пронзила плечо, сдавила грудь и, подобно миллиону осколков, вонзилась в мозг. Клушар увидел яркую вспышку света… и черную бездну. Человек ослабил нажим, еще раз взглянул на прикрепленную к спинке кровати табличку с именем больного и беззвучно выскользнул из палаты.

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