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Looking for a gay friendly primary care physician

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I've worked with her for about four years and during this time she has helped my gain insight to understand my triggers and behaviors. I strongly recommend Jamie as a therapist as my life has drastically changed for the better since I started working with her. Would recommend to everyone! I feel comfortable talking with him about personal issues, and he always listens and provides insightful new ways of looking at them. He is very smart and understanding, I highly recommend him!

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LGBT Friendly Doctors in Los Angeles, CA

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It's a major accomplishment to lock down a medical provider you click with. The process of finding a Unicorn M. But what if you also had to factor in whether your doctor will judge you — or even deny you care — because of your sexual orientation or gender identity? And the prospect of encountering homo- and transphobia at the doctor's office is very real. According to the Human Rights Campaign's latest Healthcare Equity Index, 56 percent of lesbian, gay or bisexual patients and 70 percent of transgender patients reported experiencing some form of discrimination while getting care.

What's more, a study found that straight health care providers generally showed a stronger preference toward heterosexual patients over those who identified as gay or lesbian. Though the findings don't necessarily mean gay and lesbian patients receive worse care, the fear of being judged, or even denied care altogether, is enough to keep many from going in, or returning for follow-up care. Individuals who avoid care, or have interruptions in care, are more likely to suffer from a myriad of health problems at rates significantly higher than the general population.

Lesbian-identified and bisexual women, for example, are far less likely to undergo routine screenings for cervical and breast cancer than heterosexual women, and less likely to have access to regular medical care in general. Transgender and non-binary people are more likely to contract STIs , suffer from depression, anxiety or substance abuse and be victims of violence. And California law says mandatory cultural competency requirements for doctors must include training to address the needs of LGBTQ patients.

While you're on your search for a provider, here are some things to keep in mind:. She went through a bad breakup, and sought counseling through the university. She describes herself as a "gender queer lesbian" who dressed in like "a year-old boy. After a few sessions, Holly said her counselor began making comments about her appearance — particularly, suggesting that she wear more feminine clothing.

Holly ended up staying on with that same counselor for the rest of the semester — because, as she put it, "you're at the mercy of whoever is available at any given time. Holly said it's been difficult to get regular check-ups over the years, in part because she's moved several times.

And for Holly, homophobia at the doctor's office doesn't just affect her: She and her wife have to contend with how it might affect their 3 year-old son. Travis Avery lives in Temecula, and is taking testosterone as part of a transition from female to male. The year-old regularly drives out to Oceanside for his health care — even for routine blood work.

Instead, he's chosen to make those long drives out to the San Diego area, and even out to Los Angeles, to see a doctor he can trust. Travis is dealing with other health issues in addition to his hormone regimen, so "for a person in my situation," he said, "[my doctor] kind of needs to know what they're doing. Are you a woman who wishes "the talk" had covered a few more things?

LADYist is here to fill the gaps in your sex education. It's sex ed for grown women. Tell us what you want to know. Hey, thanks. You read the entire story. And we love you for that. Here at LAist, our goal is to cover the stories that matter to you, not advertisers. We don't have paywalls, but we do have payments aka bills.

So if you love independent, local journalism, join us. Let's make the world a better place, together. Donate now. It's not the only option that exists today, but it's still a really good one. Ask friends and family, straight or gay, whether they know a good doctor or if they've had a bad experience with one. The Los Angeles LGBT Center has its own primary care center with comprehensive care specifically tailored to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

It also offers the Audre Lorde Health Program for lesbian and bisexual women, as well as services specific to transgender patients. The Center accepts most major insurance plans, including MediCal. Some services, like its mental health and counseling programs, are available on a sliding scale basis. And if you need specialized treatment or a referral, staff can help connect you with an LGBTQ-friendly doctor or specialist elsewhere.

It's as easy as filling out this form. Here's a map of them. Then there's the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association's directory , where you can search for a provider by city, ZIP code or speciality. Planned Parenthood centers in Southern California offer care for LGBT-identified patients, though the extent of their services will depend on location.

You can contact your local Planned Parenthood directly to see what it offers. You can call your health insurance carrier or check its website. Most have a searchable online database of physicians in your network, though not all of them will clearly indicate if a doctor is LGBTQ-friendly.

A growing number of hospitals actively maintain an "out list" — a list of providers who are self-identified as allies, or have gone through special training to address the needs of LGBTQ patients. While the exact term for it might be different from place to place, it doesn't hurt to ask a health care facility if it has that information. Some doctors in the Kaiser Permanente network indicate on their biography page whether they specialize in LGBTQ care, though you'll still need to go through each page individually to find that information.

The doctors in the L. You can call your local Kaiser office. You also cannot be denied health care coverage or dropped from your current plan just because you're LGBTQ. If you feel that you've been the victim of discrimination or mistreatment because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, contact a legal services provider that specializes in these kinds of cases, such as the ACLU , National Center for Lesbian Rights , Lambda Legal or the Transgender Law Center. You can also file a complaint with the Medical Board of California.

You can check out a more comprehensive list of your rights as a patient at the LGBT Healthcare Bill of Rights — there's even a wallet-sized version for handy referral when you go to the doctor's office. Last but not least: Don't give up! Don't let fear or stigma keep you from getting the care you need. All rights reserved.

Your Guide To Finding An LGBTQ-Friendly Doctor In LA

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Find a Provider. Are you lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer and looking for a healthcare professional you can trust?

Erin Armstrong was just 20 years old when — during an ordinary bike ride — she felt a shooting pain in her chest. It was and Armstrong, a transgender woman, had recently begun taking hormones as part of a male-to-female transition. But it wasn't going exactly as planned. She had been to a doctor in Utah, seeking a hormone prescription.

LGBT Care Doctors Near Me

LGBTQ healthcare is our top priority! The OutList recognizes LGBTQ competent doctors and healthcare providers who identify based on 5 criteria as culturally competent in the provision of care, treatment, and services of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer population. The OutList is open to all healthcare providers of any distinction or specialty. Your email address will not be published. Are you a healthcare provider? Yes No. The material contained on this site is provided for informational purpose only. Nothing contained on this site and its related links may be construed as medical or healthcare advice. This site is not designed to promote or endorse any medical or healthcare practice, program or agenda or any medical tests, products, or procedures. Before selecting a provider, you should ensure that the provider is a licensed healthcare professional and that he or she accepts your medical insurance.

Your Guide to Finding a Doctor Who Is an LGBTQ+ Ally

Primary Care and You! Patients often go straight to a specialist when they are experiencing problems in one particular area. Picture this: you have been experiencing occasional chest pain recently, so you make yourself an appointment with a cardiologist. As soon as your primary care doctor looks you over, they determine that your pain is coming from acid reflux.

Aetna is the first health benefits company in the U.

It's a major accomplishment to lock down a medical provider you click with. The process of finding a Unicorn M. But what if you also had to factor in whether your doctor will judge you — or even deny you care — because of your sexual orientation or gender identity?

Find an LGBTQ Competent Healthcare Provider

We care about the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning individuals and their families. We provide health care for all regardless of age, language, sexual orientation, race, culture, gender identity or expression, religion, familial status, size, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender, and physical and mental ability. We welcome you to experience quality health care that celebrates all of who you are.

Once, at a medical appointment, I saw a nurse who seemed unable to wrap his head around the fact that I was sexually active but not on birth control. Even though I explained this, he prodded me with more questions about my sexual orientation than needles to draw my blood. Unfortunately, even the health care we do get sometimes falls miles short of the compassionate, dignified sort we should receive. Outdated misconceptions about gender identity and sexual orientation have no place in medicine, but they can run rampant. Liz M. Even with the best of intentions, medical professionals can make assumptions that lead to mistakes.

LGBT Health: Service Locator

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Gay and Lesbian Medical Association: Provider Search: () *Andrew Keaster, MD (Internal Medicine) with OSU CarePoint East Transgender Primary Care Clinic Taylor Ave.

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LGBTQ Friendly Healthcare Providers

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