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Male victims of domestic violence in uganda

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Gathering and updating this information will help to inform our own research in the area and, over time, influence policy to help reduce GBV. It will also help to inform the None in Three game aimed at young people in Uganda. For more information and references, download our policy briefing sheet. The Children Act Chapter 59 — An Act to reform and consolidate the law relating to children; to provide for the care, protection and maintenance of children; to provide for local authority support for children; to establish a family and children court; to make provision for children charged with offences and for other connected purposes.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Domestic violence against men on the rise in Gulu.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Men tell their stories


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If you are interested in an internship, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please do not contact us through Facebook to find out information about these opportunities. Please join our conversations and follow our events. Please see our referral directory under find help for information of who to contact in the case of these incidents.

If you are currently experiencing violence, please call the police. For cases that are in dire need and the risk of violence is very high, we provide a very limited amount of resources for such exceptional cases.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You do not have to attend SASA! Trainings to be a SASA! Team Member. Remember, stopping violence against women and girls starts with you personally. You can participate in our activities at the community level.

Please feel free to use our resources for activists to help you understand how to live in a violence-free setting, and contribute to a violence-free community. You can also become involved by joining our social media campaign by liking, commenting or reposting our material.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. About VAWG. Worldwide, one in four women will experience violence in her lifetime. The current statistics in Uganda are that 6 in 10 women will experience violence. Gender-based violence is a pattern of behavior where one partner exerts power and control over another. Anyone can experience violence, regardless of their socioeconomic status, their education level, or their dependence on their partner.

Intimate partner violence is a pattern of behavior where one partner exerts power and control over another. The myth that violence only happens when someone loses control feeds into the cycle of violence that victims get stuck in. The violence cycle involves tension building, a violent outbreak and a honeymoon phase. The honeymoon phase takes place after a violent outbreak and includes the perpetrator issuing apologies, expressing regret, etc.

Violence is caused by the person who chooses to use it. Drugs and alcohol may make the problem worse, but power differences between partners cause domestic violence. Intimate partner violence is a pattern of behavior where one partner exerts power and control over another, with or without the use of drugs or alcohol. There are 4 types of violence: physical, emotional, sexual and economical. Physical violence is violence that you can see as bodily injuries or physically feel.

Examples can include hitting, cutting, burning, pulling hair, pushing, etc. Emotional violence is any action that harms your mental or emotional health. Examples may include abandonment unexpectedly leaving a person with no resources or help , cheating, intimidation, controlling behavior, jealousy, humiliation, lying, threatening, name-calling, manipulating, isolating a person.

Is it okay for a neighbor or a friend to call the police when they know someone who is experiencing violence? Concerned neighbors and friends have a mandate to call the police. The government has the primary responsibility to save and protect lives as defined in the Constitution and the laws such as the Domestic Violence Act. Is there an alternative for victims of intimate partner violence and sexual violence who do not want to call the police? Only the person who uses violence is responsible.

Using violence is a choice that each person has the capacity to make. While men may certainly be exposed to violence as a result of their socially determined gender roles and norms, the violence they experience—or even perpetrate against other men—rarely, if ever, contributes to or confirms the overall subjugation of men as an entire subgroup of people: within the prevailing global context of patriarchy, men are the power brokers in terms of gender, and women are the subsidiaries.

Equality in relationships promotes harmony and respect. Domestic violence is very prevalent in relationships where one partner dominates over the other or feels superior to the other. The Constitution of Uganda clarifies that all men and women must be treated as equal in all spheres of life. If both men and women are treated equally, they will have a happier and healthier relationships.

It is not a privilege or a favor to allow women to work; it is their right as defined in the Constitution of Uganda. Everyone has a right to work. When women work, they can be able to contribute to the upkeep of the children and wellbeing of the entire home, community and the country. Do women take the issue of equal rights with men as an excuse to disrespect men and create an opportunity to misbehave? Some men and women have misunderstood the issues of equal rights.

It means that women and men have equal value, worth, opportunities, fairness and justice before and under the law as clearly stated in the Constitution. All rights come with responsibilities. Women demanding their rights are not disrespecting anyone; they are demanding their rights as a human being. Women are full human beings; what is good for men is also good for women.

There is nothing wrong with demanding for the right to safety, equal opportunities in life, fair and equal treatment in both private and public spheres! It is better to endure the violence than to face embarrassment from the community.

Reporting violence is a way of seeking a solution to a problem. It is important that people who use violence take responsibility for their behaviors. Keeping quiet when injustice is being done to someone means that we are accepting abuse and a crime to happen with impunity.

The Domestic Violence Act mandates that the occurrence of domestic violence should be reported to people of authority who should quickly take action to keep the victim safe. This way domestic violence will be checked and prevented. If you or someone you know is experiencing violence, please call the police or see our referral list.

All human beings-- whether men, women or children-- have equal human rights. The government has a role of providing equal protection and opportunities to all its citizens whether they are men, women or children. Government is only creating policies and taking up the responsibilities that reflect these natural entitlements and international principles. The government is doing this for socio-economic development which will eradicate HIV, poverty and create safety for everyone, which is necessary in developed societies.

The government has committed itself to international development goals. Violence breaks up families. It threatens the family structure. Relationships break up due to the abuses that happen and when one party or both parties feel that there is nothing more meaningful in that relationship. If a relationship turns into a source of stress, pain and suffering then people break up. It is the role of the police officers to protect all those who have been abused within the domestic setting.

Uganda needed a law that ensures the safety of each member of a family. The Domestic Violence Act was created to protect those who are abused and to ensure safety and harmony at home for every Ugandan as defined in the Constitution. Do women actually mean yes when they say no to sex?

They never seem to be sure of what they want. If a woman or a girl says no to sex, it means no. People who perpetuate this type of stereotype are the ones who are committing violence against women and girls.

Note that forms of sexual violence have brought extreme suffering to women, girls and their families. This is why these crimes are prohibited in the Penal Code Act and it is the role of police officers to enforce the law by apprehending those who have sexually assaulted anyone. Rape is any sexual intercourse that occurs without consent. Women have the right to make decisions about their own bodies and their sexuality, and a right to mutual satisfaction in sex.

It is the role of the police to apprehend those who rape others whether they are partners or family to the victim. The only person to blame for rape is the rapist. Someone can be raped even if they are dressed in the most decent manner because rape is about control and power. It is a decision by the rapist, which is why the rapists threaten the victim with further harm.

Rape is clearly defined as a crime in the Penal Code, regardless of how the victim was dressed or where she was. Rape is a capital offence and prohibited by Ugandan laws. The role of the police is to ensure that the victim is protected and the suspect apprehended. Men have a responsibility not to rape women. They have complete control over their bodies. Real men do not rape women under any circumstances.

Not usually. Research shows that most of the perpetrators of rape are normal which is why they try hard to conceal the act. In fact, perpetrators are often people that the victim knows, not strangers or mentally ill people. The police officers have a role to apprehend the suspects, not to make excuses for them.

The myth that only women with loose morals get raped perpetuates silence about rape. Rape only tells us something about the morals of the perpetrator, not the survivor. Forcing someone to have sex is a violation of their rights and is against our morals as people, and it is a crime according to the laws of Uganda.

Can men be victims of rape, too?

Access to Justice for Male Victims of Sexual Violence; Focus on Refugees in Uganda

Gender-based violence GBV has been pervasive across the course of human history. While GBV has always been characterised by female victimhood and male perpetration, it is worth noting that this definition makes no explicit reference to the gender of either the victim or the perpetrator. The possibility, then, of male victimhood, is important to consider. This is not to deny that most of the energy and resources should focus on women and girls as victims and indeed on marginalised victims such as trans people, gay men and lesbian women, and people who are gender variant.

Though spousal violence against women is much more prevalent, many Ugandan men also experience domestic violence. The father of four had suspicions long before the incident, he says, adding that his wife had thrown plates at him when they had argued in the past. But a support group for men who experience violence has allowed Mugerwa and his wife to repair their relationship, he says.

Though spousal violence against women is much more prevalent, many Ugandan men also experience domestic violence. The Ugandan public usually perceives it that it is only women who are violated and abused, forgetting that there are men who are equally victims of domestic violence at the hands of their wives, partners or even ex-partners. While it is evidenced that women and young girls in Uganda are most at the risk of emotional abuse, physical and sexual violence against men and boys still happens but they feel lowered to report such cases to the police or seek help for fear of stigma. If a man walked to the police station and reported a case of domestic violence by his wife, no one would believe him.

Male Domestic Violence In South Africa And Nigeria

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Author Nakalyowa, Deborah. Metadata Show full item record. In this dissertation, domestic violence is used synonymously with abuse, and encompasses physical, sexual and psychological or emotional violence. This violence is often referred to as battering or intimate partner violence in the context where such violence occurs in intimate relationships. The classification of domestic violence is merely a theoretical construct, as the different types of violence are not easy to separate from one another Wijma et al For instance physical violence may have emotionally abusive aspects. Likewise, physical abuse is often associated with emotional or psychological violence and sexual abuse is closely linked with physical abuse Heise et al ; Krug et al The differences in definition and nomenclature have implications on research on violence.

Not Just a Woman’s Issue: Men in Uganda Tackle Violence

As a result, data are difficult to gather. However, we know that millions of girls and young women face violence across the country and around the world. The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign gives Uganda the chance to evaluate our efforts towards ending all forms of gender-based violence. These efforts must consist of unique interventions and strategies to position men and women as equals in society.

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Violence against women in Uganda is predominantly domestic. And in its reference as Domestic Violence, is at epidemic level worldwide. The majority of victims experience multiple assaults rather than just one. Physically their bodies are bruised and emotionally they become unstable.

If you are interested in an internship, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please do not contact us through Facebook to find out information about these opportunities.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 2009: Ray Barry talks about male victims of domestic violence (BBC 'The Big Questions')

Quite recently and with the help of social media, evidence has continued to grow through news, videos and photographs which reveals that though under-reported, under-discussed and under-documented and under-acknowledged, domestic violence against males is a major issue around the globe that needs urgent attention. Domestic violence is a major issue in South Africa and domestic violence occurs every single day. South Africa is rated as one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to domestic violence and sadly not much is done in South Africa to fight male domestic violence. Most cases of domestic violence are reported by women, because women are more likely to report it and because the society we live in is more patriarchal. That does not mean that men are not victims of domestic violence.

Metrics details. Intimate partner violence IPV is an important public health issue as it impacts negatively on health, economic and development outcomes. In conflict affected northern Uganda, IPV prevalence is high and additional context-specific risk factors exist. People residing in this region have been displaced, exposed to war and violence, and had livelihoods destroyed. There are few studies examining IPV in this setting. In this study we aim to further understand the prevalence of IPV towards women and its associations in conflict affected northern Uganda. This was a cross-sectional, behavioural survey designed to capture quantitative information related to experiences of IPV among women living near two health clinics in rural northern Uganda.

Jun 21, - Like is the case with female victims, male victims also make excuses for NGOs like MIFUMI, FIDA, Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention.

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