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Single woman travel iran

Wise up! Here are the reasons why you can definitely travel alone as a woman in Iran and why it will be the best time of your life! I am not trying to draw an idyllic portrait of Iran, but the country should be considered safe for solo women travelers. Having said that, here are a few tips for your trip to Iran. First of all, and as you probably know, Iran as a strict dress code, but no worries.



Solo Trip to Iran: 5 Realities Female Travelers Should Know

Wise up! Here are the reasons why you can definitely travel alone as a woman in Iran and why it will be the best time of your life! I am not trying to draw an idyllic portrait of Iran, but the country should be considered safe for solo women travelers. Having said that, here are a few tips for your trip to Iran. First of all, and as you probably know, Iran as a strict dress code, but no worries. For you a simple scarf will be ample.

However, if this is true in the biggest cities of Iran, especially the touristic ones, the situation is different off the beaten track. Book Tehran hotels at cheapest rates with 1stQuest. Try to look at the positive and use the opportunity of coming to Iran to expand you collection of scarfs. Be as colorful as you want!

Just landed in Iran? Why not starting by buying a manto? It is a kind of trench coat that almost all women are wearing in Iran. It will be your best option to fit in with the crowd. That said, as long as your clothes are covering your body up to your knees, skinny jeans are definitely allowed.

Foreign women enjoying their travels in Iran. If you are alone, always seat in the women part of buses. That said, during peak hours try to travel in the women wagon in order to avoid unpleasant reflections.

He would probably feel very uncomfortable and move seats. A train is a very pleasant way to travel to Iran and I definitely recommend it. For solo women, there is no problem.

When catching the metro and intercity trains, I recommend riding in the ladies only carriages. You will not face any problem regarding your accommodation. You can easily book Iran hotels with 1stQuest. Iran Budget Hotels. In most restaurants, men and women are not separated.

In fact, during my travels in Iran, I did not see any restaurants where men and women ate separately. If this is the case, the restaurant staff will direct you to an appropriate place to sit in the general sitting area. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Tip to the Trip. Girls dressing, Tehran, Iran. Where to Sleep on Budget in Iran? You may also like Iran in Depth. Iran in Depth. December 17, at Bahar Ghadiri nezhad.

April 7, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Check out our Instagram! Nothing's feel better than sitting down , sipping on your tea and just chill with the magnificent view of second. Our new sponsored maps! Special thanks to the one and.

True mood changer Walking down on corner valleies of ferdowsi square is a true joy specially for leather fans out. Travel Guides Iran in Depth.


Prepare for some serious questioning of your sanity. Note that these questions always come from people who have never visited the Middle East. Many will even confuse Iran with Iraq. So how do they know what should you expect from Iran?

I plan to go in Iran this April and I need your advices in this:. I'm single women, and I'm interested is safe for womane to travel alone in Iran?

Lost with Purpose is blocked in Iran. I recommend ExpressVPN. Read more about accessing blocked websites in Iran here. A new country means new culture.

I traveled to iran as a solo woman. Here are the myths I found that seriously need debunking

This past June , I traveled in Iran by myself for two weeks. I arrived in Tehran, stayed in a hotel I had booked online, and made my way by buses and private transportation to Shiraz, via Kashan, Isfahan and Yazd. Before leaving on the trip, which I had wanted to make for years, I was out celebrating the end of the semester with colleagues. We were sharing our plans for the summer. Yes, the bar we were at was loud. So how do they know? We are given this blanket oppression as a fact, but rarely think about how exactly it manifests itself, yet alone try and understand how it might look different in different Middle Eastern countries. For example, there are many Iranian women studying in the universities, working, and you see as many women about as you see men. None are looked down upon or refused service. You see women and men walking in parks, holding hands.

Solo female backpacking in Iran: Experiences and tips for future travelers

Heart My Backpack uses affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission. I have never had people express so many opinions about my travels as when I decided to backpack Iran solo for two weeks. What sort of death wish do you have? A friend of a friend even wrote a Facebook note people still write those?

I sang and danced in cars, ran through flower fields and was invited to so many homes. It was indeed mostly thanks to its warm, welcoming and beautiful people, that Iran was one of the highlights of my entire trip.

For ladies seeking to immerse themselves in the rich and fascinating culture of Iran and all the beautiful tourist spots it has to offer, ignoring the call to visit this country can be pretty hard to do. The good news is that Iran is now known to be a welcoming place, and has become more tourist-friendly over the past few years that even solo female travelers can safely explore this country by themselves. If you find the call to be too difficult to resist and you are all set to visit this wonderful country on your own soon, below is an Iran travel guide that will help you plan and enjoy a great holiday here: 1. Your passport has to be valid for at least six months during your trip All visitors to Iran have to obtain a visa from an Iranian diplomatic mission.

Solo Female Travel in Iran: Safety and Tips

Read up more on my Disclaimer page. You might have to deal with a few inconveniences, annoyances and a challenge hither and tither but overall solo female travel in Iran is a rewarding experience. I spent a couple days shy of an entire month backpacking solo overland across Iran from Afghanistan to Iraqi Kurdistan in April

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: IS IRAN SAFE? - Traveling Alone as a Female in Isfahan, IRAN [Ep. 8]

We all know the stereotypes about women who travel alone. The first thing that comes to mind is about the safety of such travels. Of course, the destination is a vital factor. Which country is it and is that country trustable for welcoming a solo female traveler? Or in this case, is Iran safe for solo female travelers? If you are planning for a solo female traveling to Iran, you can be sure that you are not the first one.

Is Iran Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

You may find the rest of her adventures on her website. I adore discovering off the beaten path places and exploring alternative spots, street art scene and local cafe culture. So I went to Iran alone. But am I really? I heard so many things about the incredible Iranian hospitality I was really curious to see how it really is. I experienced it as well.

Nov 14, - Here is all what you have to know before travelling to Iran as a solo Here are the reasons why you can definitely travel alone as a woman in.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase using our link.

A Guide to Traveling to Iran as a Woman Alone

This post is all about travelling to Iran as a woman. Is solo female travel in Iran safe? What should I wear as a woman travelling to Iran? What else should I know before I go.

Iran as a solo female traveler – Interview with Earth Wanderess

Safety is an important issue for independent women who travel alone. Solo female travel to Iran and other middle eastern countries, might seem like a big and difficult challenge, Is it really safe to visit Iran as a solo female traveler? If you have an EU passport, you can easily get a day visa on arrival at any major international airport in Iran.

Before I started reading more into Iran, all I heard about this country were stories about its politics.

Important — For some reason, the Iranian Government has decided to block my website, so if you want to browse Against the Compass while you are in Iran, you must use a VPN. For more information, read how to choose the right VPN for Iran. From some of the most hospitable people on Earth to striking Islamic architecture, Iran is galaxies away from the image the Western media has been trying to portray for the last four decades. I always tell them that, in Iran, they will likely be treated like queens and might even feel safer than in top touristic Muslim destinations, like Egypt, for example. Then, I had the chance to meet her in Tbilisi, in a bar, actually, where we chatted for a few hours over some good local beers.

Solo female travel in Iran: travelling to Iran as a woman

Whenever you tell your friends and family about your travel plans to Iran , you will probably get some worried reactions. Try to mention that you are travelling Iran solo, as a female, will surely make all mouths fall wide open. Here are some tips and comments left by other solo female travellers to help you prepare for your upcoming trip to this beautiful part of the world. As you may have heard, Iranians are known for their unlimited hospitality. Everyone wants to make sure that you are happy, safe and most importantly, fully fed.

Solo Female Traveler in Iran: is it Safe?

Getting an Iran visa can be a tricky, frustrating and expensive process for certain nationalities. Entry will be refused to citizens of Israel and travelers with any evidence of visiting Israel. British, American and Canadian travelers are only allowed to travel to Iran with a guided tour only.

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