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Spider man more base tokens

If you need any help regarding any aspect of the game, then this guide will be useful to you. You will be able to use various objects in the environment to deal some massive damage, so watch out for those button prompts and make sure you use what;s around you. One of the great things about playing as Spidey is that you can just swing away to safety when things get too intense. This allows you to calm down a bit, and also gives you a chance to try out a new strategy to take out the enemies you are facing. On the other hand, the average thug can be disposed of without any difficulty at all. There are three skill trees in the game and each of them will improve different aspects of your abilities.

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Spider-Man PS4 - Tokens Guide

In Marvel's Spider-Man you will encounter lots of enemies - combat is very important in the game. Those, who are not satisfied with the main storyline's fights can indulge in clearing enemy bases.

After reaching a base, you will have to fight waves of enemies. Base Tokens - you get these not only for clearing a base, but also for completing additional objectives. In order to save time, you should complete those first and only then start facing the waves. The best idea is to focus on clearing the bases towards the end of the game, when the protagonist is the most efficient in combat. Contrary to what you might think, fulfilling the objectives isn't very tricky - you just need the proper suit skills - for example, if you need 15 finishers, you should opt for the mod that boosts focus bar charge.

These are unlocked virtually right after the game's prologue. You will find members of Fisk's gang - these are the easiest bases.

The enemies are rather weak and there's not too many of them, plus there are few special types of criminals. If you need a lot of Base Tokens, start with Fisk Bases first. The mechanics here are identical to Fisk Hideouts - the difference is the fact that you will have to fight a gang of Demons. The enemies are stronger, you shall encounter more enemies and might have to fight a Demon muscleman. Once you've completed the Hideouts, start clearing the warehouses - they're cleaning them is considerably easier than in the next two cases.

In the second half of the game, some criminals escape the local prison and establish their camps around New York. You will find many tough enemies there - stay very mobile in these fights. Don't get involved in fighting too many enemies. Before attacking, eliminate snipers first.

The next big concern are enemies with launchers - the rockets can be avoided, but it's sometimes difficult in the middle of the fight. You should also remember that all of these camps are on rooftops, so it's sometimes easier to try and throw the enemies off the buildings.

The Silver Sable bases are the most difficult bases in the game. Then, you might want to get outside the fence and fight in more open space. This makes some enemies stay in the base while the rest is chasing you. If too many of them leave, just go back and reverse the whole thing.

Target the enemies with jet-packs first. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Marvel's Spider-Man Game Guide. Game Guide. Secrets and Side Activities. Enemy Bases. Table of Contents. Suits and Gadgets. List of all suits List of suit upgrades Gadgets description. How to explore the map? How to upgrade gadgets and Spider-suit? How to take photos?

How to get Crime Tokens? Is there a fast travel system? Can you continue playing after finishing the main story? How the gadgets get renewed? How to return to Parker's apartment? Is it possible to fasten the time? How to find the grave of Uncle Ben? What skills are the best? How do I find the Avengers tower? Combat guide. How to fight? How do I heal?

How to acquire Focus? Puzzles and minigames. Substance Identification and Power Control How to correctly set the statue in museum? Hidden mechanism in Martin Li office How to disarm a bomb? Devil's Breath location. Research Stations.

Main missions. What's in the box? The Heart of the Matter Pax in Bello. Side Missions. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page.

Spider-Man PS4: How to Get Base Tokens

In Marvel's Spider-Man you will encounter lots of enemies - combat is very important in the game. Those, who are not satisfied with the main storyline's fights can indulge in clearing enemy bases. After reaching a base, you will have to fight waves of enemies. Base Tokens - you get these not only for clearing a base, but also for completing additional objectives.

In Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4, Spidey can take on bases full of thugs to earn Base Tokens by completing these encounters, mixing both stealth and wave-based brawls. Upon first entering a base, you are able to dive right into battle or whittle down the first group of enemies, but soon they will become alerted and will start pouring in wave-based rushes of enemies armed with different weapons. Like Crimes and Crime Tokens, each of the bases come with 2 Sub-Objectives unique to that base, and if completed will earn you extra Base Tokens.

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Base Token

Any good super hero needs a good costume, and over the years Spider-Man has had a lot of them. As you progress Spider-Man himself levels up, and while that suit governs things like your melee damage output, it also controls your suit unlocks. If you need help completing some of those side quests, check out our Spider-Man tips and tricks guide. Once a suit is unlocked and crafted you can use it and its unique suit power as and when you wish. Read at your own risk. The crafting costs Tokens — and these tokens are based off the various side activities in the game. They come in a few flavors: Crime tokens from small crimes, Base tokens from defeating enemy strongholds, Landmark tokens from photographing New York landmarks, Research tokens from research station missions and Challenge tokens from completing task challenges. All of these are marked on your map to find. A couple of other Spidey suits also unlock naturally through story progression, while a couple of others are tied to completing side quests. Three are available through a pre-order bonus, but can also be unlocked through naturally leveling up.

Spider-Man Base Tokens explained - how to clear all Enemy Base types in Spider-Man

Early on in the game's marketing, it was confirmed that players would be able to unlock various other suits to use throughout the story. It's been revealed that there are at least three new suits in the DLC, which each chapter coming with at least one new costume. That means there could potentially be six or more suits on top of what has already released in the standard title. Below are all 27 suits that come with Insomniac Games' Spider-Man PS4 -including their powers and what's required to unlock them - starting with the Advanced Suit that was designed specifically for this new game.

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How to Earn Base Tokens in Spider-Man PS4

Clearing Bases is one of the more long-winded, but also one of the most rewarding, ways you can farm for special Resources in Spider-Man, and they're integral to plenty of purchases you can make to get Spidey looking and feeling cool as you go, too. With that in mind, here's a quick guide to explaining what Base Tokens are, and some tips for how to earn Base Tokens quickly and clear Enemy Bases. Base Tokens have a few uses that are all pretty similar.

Base Tokens are one of the 6 tokens types in the Marvel's Spider-Man game. This guide will tell you all the information about how to get them, how to get more if you have finished the game and all other details. They add new powers and abilities. Tokens are also used to purchase Mods and Gadgets. They are very important.

Base Tokens

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Sep 11, - Marvel's Spider-Man Mega Guide – How To Unlock All Suits, Skills, Farming Tokens, Upgrade Gadgets And More It costs 3 Crime Tokens, 1 Research Token, and 1 Base Token to unlock. The suit's ability is Electric Punch.

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Spider-Man PS4 How to Get Base Tokens

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