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What guys look for on first date

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First dates can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. There's the potential for something new to blossom out of it, but there is also the horrifying fear that it will go down as one of the worst dates in history. Both women and men feel the pressure of a first date, as more often than not, first dates typically determine if the relationship will progress to a second date or not. For that reason, both parties want to leave a good impression. They'll try to look their best, be on their best behavior, and hope there is a connection between the two.

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20 Things Guys Look Out For On Their First Date

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First dates can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. There's the potential for something new to blossom out of it, but there is also the horrifying fear that it will go down as one of the worst dates in history. Both women and men feel the pressure of a first date, as more often than not, first dates typically determine if the relationship will progress to a second date or not.

For that reason, both parties want to leave a good impression. They'll try to look their best, be on their best behavior, and hope there is a connection between the two.

There are many factors that can contribute to being asked to go on a second date. While this may seem complex, it's actually quite simple. First and foremost, each person must be himself or herself, otherwise, the relationship will be doomed from the start.

By being yourself, you allow the other person to see everything you have to offer in the relationship, which definitely determines if the two of you will last.

While being yourself is the first step, there are other factors that can lead a first date into second date territories. These fifteen men, confess things they notice on a first date, that make them want a second! First impressions are everything and the absolute first thing anyone will notice on a date is punctuality. Whether your meeting somewhere or picking one another up, being ready on time, and being on time for a date is the first thing anyone will notice. When you're on time for the first date, it leaves a positive feeling with your date.

Men look at a girl who is on time as being responsible and taking the date serious - which translates to you being interested in him. Now, this doesn't mean that sometimes there are circumstances out of our control that make us late. When this occurs just send him a quick text, or call him to let him know about your delay.

He will understand and respect that. After all, nothing feels worse than waiting for your date not knowing if they'll actually show up! Men are more likely to ask you on a second date when they find you engaged in conversation with him. He'll notice if you're actually in the present moment with him or if you're a million miles away. Generally, when you spend all your time checking your phone, he's going to assume you're in that "million miles away" category. It's a big tell-tale sign that someone isn't interested in you when they prefer the company of their phone rather than the company of you.

In fact, many people use their phones as a buffer or a shield. It's easier to retreat into the familiarity of your phone rather than converse with someone you don't necessarily know. Putting your phone away lets him know you're interested in getting to know him and he will definitely take note of that! No one wants to be with someone who is rude and obnoxious. And there are few things less attractive than someone who is rude to others, specifically the wait staff when you are out to eat!

Well, guys think so too. Considering most people choose to be on their best behavior during a first date, in order to make a good first impression, being rude is very telling for him. Whether it's the wait staff, or simply just another person who accidentally bumped into you, how you treat those around you says a lot about who you are as a person.

Most people wouldn't want to be surrounded by rude or mean people let alone date them. Men are quick to decide if there is going to be a second date or not simply based on your behavior to those around you. Smiling is often attributed to being happy and comfortable. All of which on a date tell the guy you're having a good time. Smiling a lot on the first date will signal to him that you are enjoying yourself, which will boost his confidence in you agreeing to go on a second date with him.

That extra confidence will definitely lead to him asking you out on a second date. After all, if you think the person you'll ask out would say no, chances are you wouldn't ask them out. Not only do guys see smiling as a sign that you are having a good time, but they also find it attractive. When asked about attractive physical traits in a woman, men were quick to rank a nice smile as one of the most attractive features they notice right away. Another sign of someone having a good time on a date is when they laugh.

It also shows off their sense of humor. Men can find a woman's laugh to be endearing and even cute. They also like to know that she is able to laugh at things, whether it's a joke or a funny situation. Laughing along with him on a date also lets him know that you find him funny.

He'll be able to feel more comfortable around you knowing that you're comfortable around him. This will make him feel like you're an easy person to be around, which in turn will make him want to spend more time around you; hence, he's more likely to ask you out on a second date.

Compliments are always nice. Whether it's a compliment on an outfit we put together, a compliment on our smile, or our work ethic, we tend to get an ego boost when someone pays us a compliment.

While this is generally associated with women, the same holds true for men. Men love being on the receiving end of a compliment just as much as women. A simple "You look nice," remark will definitely make him feel good about himself and more secure throughout the date.

Besides, men put just as much effort into a first date as women, so he'll want to know he is doing it right. Complimenting him gives him that reassurance. Plus compliments make him feel surer about your interest in him as well and that will help sway his decision in wanting a second date.

Okay, so this doesn't mean talking about your plans to start a family on the first date. Actually, that might be coming on a bit too strong too fast and send him running. Rather, just talking about your home life, and your family is enough for any guy to tell if you're a family-oriented girl or not.

While it may seem a little soon, he'll start picturing how you might get along with his family, particularly his mom. Men don't want to date women they feel won't get along with his family. If he's you as someone he can take home to mom, he'll be more likely to ask you out on a second date in order to continue to explore the possibility of the relationship with you!

It's not uncommon for there to be awkward pauses in conversation during a first date. After all, you're both still getting to know one another so there are bound to be breaks in the flow of conversation. It's not like he will hold this against you during the date; however, he will take notice of how you respond during these breaks.

Do you sit there in awkward silence? Do you seek out your cell phone as a means to preoccupy yourself? Or do you take the initiative? Men love it when women aren't afraid to take the initiative.

He'll appreciate the effort you make by taking charge of the conversation and making an effort to keep it going. Men observe your behavior during these pauses and he'll use it to determine if he thinks you're someone he'd like to bring out on a second date. Having shared interests or hobbies is usually a good thing when it comes to dating.

However, it's not everything. In fact men find having your own passions to be "extremely attractive. It can be very telling about a person too. Revealing things that mean a lot to you, allows him to better understand you as a person. This can then alter if he sees the relationship progressing or not.

Even the most obscure hobbies, ones he perhaps has no interest in, will spark his interest in you, as it unravels a different layer to what makes you who you are.

He'll want to get to know you better, and further understand your interests, which will lead him to asking you out on a second date. Men want to get to know you on the first date; it's how they determine if there is potential for the relationship to progress. If yes they'll continue to spend more time with you, if not then they'll end sooner rather than later. That being said, a date shouldn't only be about you.

It's about the two of you on the date. Which means you should be trying to get to know him as well. Men reveal that they're more likely to ask a girl out for a second date if she makes the effort to get to know him better. This can be done by asking him questions about himself, listening to him while he's talking, and even asking follow-up questions to the stories he shares.

He'll appreciate you taking an interest in him and that will secure his intentions to go out with you again. You should have fun on your first date, otherwise, why would you want to go for a second one? Men feel the same way, confessing that they notice if a girl they're out with keeps the date fun and easygoing.

This plays a big part in them deciding whether or not they see the potential for a second date in the future. First dates shouldn't be about the future of the relationship between the two of you; they should be about getting to know one another. If expectations are put on the first date, chances are you'll wind up disappointed.

The first date is just one step in the progression of a relationship, so guys really take note of if the girl they are dating keeps the date light, fun, and overall easygoing. If the first date is too complicated, he probably won't think about a second. We've all seen the debates over who should pay for the date. Maybe we've even taken part in those debates. Well, let's be clear here, this isn't a debate over who should pay. This is a guy confessing something that stood out to him.

Most men don't care about paying for a date. In fact, some guys actually like paying for the date as a way to treat a girl they like to something special.

First dates can be fun, and first dates can be torture. But no matter what, they usually make for at least a little bit of excitement: What are you going to wear? What are you going to think of him? And what's going on in his head, anyway? We decided to go straight to the source and ask guys what they're really paying attention to when they're out with you for the first time.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, according to an elite introductions agency's relationship psychologist. When it comes to dating, the well-worn phrase "men are from Mars, women are from Venus" rings true. Working as a relationship psychologist and global director of elite introductions agency Berkeley International means I work closely with both sexes to discuss what they look for in a partner, their feelings about dating and thoughts on the dates they have been on.

First dates are always a risk. You might not fancy the person when they show up, or you might end up getting ghosted — or worse — afterwards. But taking the chance is necessary if you ever want to find a meaningful relationship. Nobody wants to text back and forth forever, and eventually you'll have to meet the person you're talking to. First dates may be the perfect recipe for nerves, but they are also the perfect opportunity to work out if someone is really right for you.

What Men REALLY Notice On a First Date

Women have a lot to think about on a first date. Should I go halves on dinner? Is he just after sex? Will he want to see me again? Men love women who share their sense of humour even more than they love women who can put their ankles behind their ears. Though it might. Over-glossy Cheryl Cole locks make you look high-maintenance. He will fancy you more if you wear minimal make-up: a bit of concealer and mascara is all you need.

14 Things Men Look For On The First Date

The first day of every date is always filled with great anticipation from the guys and the ladies. First date could be a memorable day that most people will forever live with while to some persons it might be a torture. The excitement is so high because you are focused on what to wear, what could be his first word, the thought that is running through his head and lots more. Every guy has what he is looking for in a woman but most often there are specific things we all look for as guys when it comes to issues patterning to the opposite sex. Your attitude towards time to a total strange on your first date speaks volume about the things you give priority to.

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16 ways men and women date differently, and first date tips for both

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20 things men wish women knew about first dates

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Mar 13, - The rules of a first date are usually muddled with confusion and Guys want to hear more about the girl, her likes, and dislikes, her The one thing I really want to hear about on the first date has nothing to do with how I look.

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Guys Reveal 8 Things They All Want To Hear On A First Date

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