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What if a woman never gets her period

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That time of the month again? Periods are a part of life for many years for most women. They can, unfortunately, have a negative impact on your quality of life with cramps, bloating, breast tenderness, mood changes and irregular bleeding. During your lifetime, your menstrual cycle and periods change and evolve due to normal age-related hormonal changes and other factors such as stress, lifestyle, medications and certain medical conditions. But what is normal and what should you be concerned about?

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PQ: What if a girl never gets her period?

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Missing a period is bittersweet. Not having to deal with cramps and all that nonsense for a month is amazing. But worrying about unplanned pregnancy, or something else going on with your health, is stressful and not so amazing. To help put your mind at ease, whether you occasionally miss periods or not, here's a list of the most common reasons why your period may be on the fritz.

You're pregnant. Plus, because early pregnancy symptoms can be so similar to PMS-y ones oh, hey, sore boobs , it can be tough to tell the difference.

Since it's probably the first thing your ob-gyn office will inquire about, if you've been sexually active, go ahead and take an at-home pregnancy test to be sure. You got really sick. Dweck says this doesn't just mean you had a cold, or some bad allergies—but like, sick as in the flu, or something serious enough to land you in the hospital. Serious illness can mess with your cycle because it stresses your body out, and puts too much stress on the part of your brain that regulates hormones.

You've been on the pill for a while. Rejoice — don't worry — if your period becomes barely-there-light or disappears altogether. So relax, it's completely safe. Although if you suspect that you could be pregnant, even if you're on the pill — it's rare but it happens — at the risk of being redundant, take a test. You have a tumor. Before you freak out, Dr. Dweck says this isn't as a big a deal as it sounds like. But there's something called a prolactinoma , or a benign tumor that affects the pituitary gland and causes it to secrete too much of the hormone prolactin.

Dweck clarifies that they're still considerably rare. These can cause late or missed periods because they also interfere with your ability to generate estrogen—and when estrogen is low, your body has a hard time regulating menstruation, and skips periods. Something is off with your thyroid. This gland in your neck regulates your metabolism, produces hormones, controls your body temp, and more. You want it to be on point.

If your doctor suspects this could be the cause and you have other symptoms, like fatigue, thinning hair, weight gain or loss she'll run a simple blood test and probably prescribe a medication.

You're too into your exercise routine. Hitting the gym even though you're exhausted from your workout the day before? Or you jokingly say you live at the gym, but it's actually kinda true? Over-exercising and eating too little , as well as rapid weight loss or suffering from an eating disorder can all cause your period to disappear, particularly if your BMI drops below 19 or 18, says Dr.

Thankfully, "simply cutting down on exercise or gaining a couple pounds will get your BMI up a bit, and you'll get your period," she says.

What you don't want to do is go without a period for more than a year if you're not on birth control , which can put you at risk for bone loss and osteoporosis. You just stopped taking your birth control pill.

A hormonal pill can awesomely regulate your cycle, so when you stop taking it, it can be a shock to your body. So, it might be a couple months until you get your period again. One big thing to remember: You can still get pregnant even without a period — you can still ovulate — so use condoms anyway if you're not ready to get pregnant. Stress is getting to you. Work has been totally nuts or your class load has you pulling all-nighters. It's your body's way of protecting you," says Dr.

But as long as you can get your stress under control and it's an isolated thing, it's no big deal if you miss a period or it's super late one time. You have PCOS. You're not getting your period. You've got acne. You're gaining weight despite a healthy lifestyle. And your face and chest are sprouting weird hairs.

Your gyno may consider PCOS, aka polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal imbalance that keeps the egg from maturing, halting ovulation, and preventing your period. If an exam or blood tests show you've got PCOS, you can treat it with healthy lifestyle habits, like losing weight if necessary, eating well, and going on birth control pills or other meds. Goist, you can control the symptoms to live happier. You have a pituitary problem. Are your nipples leaking a milky white fluid? She'll give her patients a blood test to check prolactin levels, a hormone that — yep — prompts your body to produce breast milk.

If levels are high, you may have a benign pituitary tumor called a prolactinoma. Before you freak out, know this: You'd be referred to an endocrinologist, but it's totally treatable, most often with medication. You've gained a lot of weight. Just like being underweight can cause a problem, so can being overweight.

Obese women were twice as likely to have an irregular cycle compared to those who were normal weight, according to an Australian study. Carrying around excess weight may cause hormone issues that throw off your cycle; plus, it's also linked to PCOS. The good news is that losing weight through a smart diet can help bring your period back, a new study shows.

You got new roommates. It may be a funny urban myth, but some experts say that moving in with a new group of girls can cause your period to become irregular in an attempt to sync up with the group. Though studies are definitely mixed — some say it happens, others call B. So we don't totally know for sure. But think about it a little harder and you may find your lack of period is actually stress-related — especially if you're having roomie issues. United States. Type keyword s to search.

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Never Started Menstrual Periods

Getting pregnant is related to ovulation. Because a girl can ovulate before having her first period, it is possible to become pregnant if she has sex. Abstinence not having sex is the only way to completely prevent STDs or unwanted pregnancy. If you have ever had sex, or are thinking about having sex, talk with your doctor about birth control options, STD testing , and ways to prevent STDs.

Amenorrhea—the absence of menstrual periods—does not always signify a serious problem. It may be caused by natural hormonal changes such as menopause or something as common as stress.

Missing a period is bittersweet. Not having to deal with cramps and all that nonsense for a month is amazing. But worrying about unplanned pregnancy, or something else going on with your health, is stressful and not so amazing. To help put your mind at ease, whether you occasionally miss periods or not, here's a list of the most common reasons why your period may be on the fritz.

Stopped or missed periods

Back to Health A to Z. There are many reasons why a woman may miss her period, or why periods might stop altogether. Most women have a period every 28 days or so, but it's common to have a slightly shorter or longer cycle than this from 21 to 40 days. Some women do not always have a regular menstrual cycle. It's important to be aware that you can get pregnant in the days after your period is normally due. If you're stressed, your menstrual cycle can become longer or shorter, your periods may stop altogether, or they might become more painful. Breathing exercises can also help.


Primary amenorrhea is the term used when a young woman has never had a period. Or you only have 2 or 3 periods a year and sometimes 6 months goes by without a period. Not having a period for more than a couple of months may not be normal, and finding out why is important. Amenorrhea may be completely normal if you are on birth control, but you should check with your health care provider if this is an expected side effect of your birth control method.

Getting pregnant is related to ovulation.

Learn more. We hear a lot about the menstrual "cycle," which can make it sound as though it happens like clockwork. And we say that a woman who gets her period every 4 weeks is "regular," as though there's something abnormal about women who don't.

Can a Girl Get Pregnant if She Has Never Had Her Period?

I am 21 years old and I have never had a period. I've been married for two years and am thinking about having children. I had surgery three years ago and my right ovary was removed.

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Step 4: Read and complete the decision guide to learn more about your symptoms. The purpose of this guide is to provide understanding and advice to women who are concerned because they have never started menstruating. The absence of menstrual periods is called amenorrhea. If a woman has never had any menstrual blood flow by the age of 16, doctors call this primary amenorrhea. Through a series of questions, you will learn about the more common possibilities to explain your personal situation.

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Amenorrhea uh-men-o-REE-uh is the absence of menstruation — one or more missed menstrual periods. Women who have missed at least three menstrual periods in a row have amenorrhea, as do girls who haven't begun menstruation by age The most common cause of amenorrhea is pregnancy. Other causes of amenorrhea include problems with the reproductive organs or with the glands that help regulate hormone levels. Treatment of the underlying condition often resolves amenorrhea. The main sign of amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual periods. Depending on the cause of amenorrhea, you might experience other signs or symptoms along with the absence of periods, such as:.

if I've never had my period? – Ariana. Yes, a girl can get pregnant before she gets her first period. Getting pregnant is related to ovulation. Because a girl can.

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